survive blood moon in terraria

The best way to survive blood moon in terraria – 2 easy ways

Best 2 easy ways to survive blood moon in terraria

Are you looking for an easy way to survive blood moon in terraria? A blood moon is an event that you can have while you playing terraria. This guide is for pre hardmode players and I will write another for hardmode players.

When it starts zombies, demon eyes and some enemies will spawn faster than normal around you. But what can you do if you don’t have any suitable weapons to face these enemies? So this article will help you by giving an easy way to survive blood moon in terraria.

Survive blood moon in terraria by Placing blocks

The first way is will be useful for you if you don’t have any weapons that you can deal more damage to your enemies when you are facing the blood moon event. So only you have to do is go in near to your door and place a wooden block or dirt block in front of the door.

If you have two doors, do that to both of them. After placing them make sure there is no way to go in or out. So if you are wondering why you need to place a block like that, the reason is when the blood moon starts, zombies will come into your house by opening your door. Also, they spawn faster than normal and they already looking for you when the blood moon stared.

But I suggest you find some weapons to fight with them if you don’t have any. There is no matter if you skip the first.

But don’t skip every blood moon event because you can collect some coins and more items such as flying piggy bank, bloody tear, shark tooth necklace also if you do fishing while blood moon you will find more enemies and you can get items such as blood rain bow, chum caster vampire frog staff and more interesting items.

That’s why you need to find any weapons. If you can craft a gold sword or a platinum sword and a bow with fire arrows it will be easy to face them.

Survive blood moon in terraria by making a trap using lava

Another easy way to survive the blood moon in terraria by using lava. You may be wondering how can you do it. It’s easy but you have to get your Mechanic NPC unlocked before doing this. If you don’t know who is Mechanic NPC is, it is a female NPC character who sells mechanical items in terraria.

If you don’t have her yet, you can find her in the dungeon. Also remember you can’t go to the dungeon until you beat Skeletron boss. After you find the Mechanic you need to buy at least 40 actuators, 60 wires, 1 red wrench, and 2 switches also you need 2 lava buckets.

First, you need to dig 3 blocks down from outside near your house door and dig it vertically for some distance. If you have to doors, you must do it to the other side as well. After it place wood around it. This image will help you to understand it.

Then you have to do is add one of the lava buckets into it. So you will see a thin layer of lava will there. now place wood again from to close that pit. Now do it to the other side.

Now select your actuators and place them on the wood of both sides. Now place both switches somewhere you can easily turn on and off. In this case, I’m placing my switches above the doors. That means the wood blocks with the doors.

Now take your wrench to do the wiring. So select the red wrench from your inventory and place your wires on actuators to the switch.

That’s all you need to do. Now turn your switch on to open your lava pit and turn it off to close it. Now you can use it when the blood moon starts. You don’t need to go everywhere by killing all zombies. But some enemies like clowns won’t affect. So you need to kill them on your own.

So these are the easy ways to survive blood moon in terraria

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