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The best way to make money in terraria – part 1

The best 4 ways to make money in terraria for pre-hardmode players

Are you struggling without enough money to buy things in terraria? And do you want to make money without any glitches? So this article is about the easiest ways to make money for beginners in terraria. This means this article for pre- hardmode players.

So basically you need money to buy things from your NPC characters right? You may want to buy some dynamites, bombs, or some items to decorate your house with coins.

The first way to make money in terraria is by selling items

Now you may be wondering what are you going to sell if you don’t have anything to sell. It’s not a matter, this guide will show you what are you going to sell.

In terraria when you have at least 50 silver coins The Merchant NPC will arrive at your home (you can easily find 50 silver by killing few enemies). Then you need to buy an item called Bug net. Bug net will help you to catch animals like bunnies, butterflies, squirrels, scorpions, penguins, and more if they are not dangerous.

So if you can catch 6 scorpions using the bug net you can make 1 and 7 silver coins. It’s very easy to find them because scorpions usually spawn fast in the desert biome.

Also if you can travel to the mushroom biome you can find glowing snails. If you can catch 2 of them you can sell them for 1 gold and 19 silver coins. It would be easy if you make some space to catch them in the mushroom biome.

If you find any kind of special bunnies or squirrels like topez squirrel, golden bunny, etc. You can sell them for more coins. For example, you can sell a normal bunny for 5 silver but you can sell a golden bunny for 10 gold coins. It’s very cool, right? Also, golden bunnies are rare creatures. But don’t get disappointed.

If I want to catch a golden bunny, I would go to the mushroom biome. Because every special bunnies and squirrel that I cached in there. You can catch penguins by going to the snow biome.

The second way to earn money fast is the blood moon event

It starts randomly when the player has at least more than 120 life and it’s only happening at night time when there is a moon is on the background sky. So when you have those things completed there is a 1 in 9 chance of occurring the blood moon.

Also, you can summon it by using bloody tear. The bloody tear is usually dropped by enemies during the blood moon event.
When the blood moon starts you will get a message on your lower-left corner of the screen as “The blood moon is rising…” and the moon, sky, and the color of the water will change to red.

After the blood moon started you must prepare your weapons and potions to fight with zombies (actually you don’t need potions to survive the blood moon) Because after starting the blood moon, zombies will able to open the doors of your base also they will spawn faster than normal night time.

I think now you get the idea here. You can find coins when you kill some enemies. So in a blood moon event, there will be a lot of them. So kill them all fast as you can before it becomes morning. Because the blood moon will end when it is morning.

The third way is also about an event

In this event, you have to fight with the goblin army. The Goblin army will appear randomly in the day time. Also, you can summon it by using the goblin battle standard.

To craft it at loom you need 10 tattered clothes and 5 wood. Then you must fight with the goblin army and collect the loot. Also, they will drop some special items like harpoons and spike balls.

The fourth way is beating bosses

In terraria, there are many bosses that you need to beat before you enter the hardmode. Among them, there are some special bosses that you can use to make money by beating them (which means you need to collect their loot after you beat them).

I’m telling you these bosses are special because you don’t need to take too much effort to beat them. They are the eye of chathulu, brain of chathulu, and the queen bee. The eye of chathulu can summon by using suspicious looking eye.

You can craft it simply by going near a demon altar with 6 lenses. If you want to beat the brain of chthulu, it can only summon in the crimson by breaking 3 crimson hearts or crafting a bloody spine. When you want to beat the queen bee, you need to go to the jungle biome and look for beehives.

In beehives, if you find a lavara, you need to break it to summon the queen bee. Also, you can summon it by using abeemination.

Now I think you can understand how to make money in terraria as a pre-hardmode player. Also I will bring another article about how to make money in terraria as the 2 part of this article and I will give you some tips about how to make money in terraria as a hardmode player.

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