terraria bosses wall of flesh

Terraria Wall of Flesh Ultimate Guide – Strategies and Loadouts

This article is about terraria wall of flesh. If you are going to beat the wall of flesh for the first time or in expert mode, this guide will help you to figure out about load-outs and more.

Terraria wall of flesh

terraria bosses wall of flesh

In terraria, there are 17 main bosses. 7 bosses belong to pre-hardmode and 10 bosses belong to hardmode. Wall of the flesh is the last boss you have to beat in pre-hardmode. After beating the wall of flesh you can enter the hardmode.

How to enter terraria hardmode

You can enter the terraria hardmode by beating the wall of flesh. Wall of the flesh is the final pre-hardmode boss in terraria. Before you beat the wall of flesh, make sure you have beaten the King Slime, Eye of Cathulu, Eater of the Worlds/ Brain of Cathulu, Queen Bee, and Skeletron.

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How to summon terraria wall of flesh

You can summon terraria wall of flesh by dropping a guide voodoo doll or a clothier voodoo doll to lava. Voodoo dolls are dropped by demons in the underworld.

Which way does the wall of flesh spawn

Wall of flesh spawns according to the way you are turned when you are dropping the voodoo doll into lava. If you drop a voodoo doll while turning to the left wall of flesh will spawn from your left side.

Easy way to get terraria voodoo dolls fast

If you are planning to farm wall of flesh you need a better way to get voodoo dolls faster in easy method. Make this arena underground and place water candles like the picture shows.

terraria wall of flesh voodoo dolls get fast easy

You can use a battel potion to increase the spawn rate. It will let you find more voodoo dolls faster.

I recommend you to have a summon weapon such as imp staff when you are doing this.

Loadouts and strategy to beat the wall of flesh in expert and normal


Imp staff
Phoenix blaster
Minishark with silver

Note for expert mod players – You must add modifiers to all these weapons such as godly, deadly, demonic, superior, or masterful. You can add modifiers with gobbling tinkerer NPC by selecting his forge item option.


Molten armor

How to make the molten armor in terraria

You can make the full molten armor using 45 hellstones bars at an iron or a lead anvil. To craft 1 hellstone bar you need 3 hellstones and 1 obsidian at a hellforge.
The best way to get hellstones fast is using a mining potion and an obsidian skin potion. Using these 2 potions will give you the time to mine hellstone fast in lava.


Shield of cathulhu (expert mode)
worm scarf(expert mode)
Bone glove (expert mode)
Lightening boots
Fledging wings
band of regeneration

Note for expert mod players – If you are playing expert or master mode make sure to add modifiers to all of your accessories. I recommend you add modifiers like warding, guarding, or armored because these modifiers will max your defense.

You can add modifiers with gobbling tinkerer NPC by selecting his forge item option.


Mana regeneration potion
Magic power potion
regeneration potion
Ironskin potion
Wreath potion
Endurance potion
Swiftness potion
Archery potion
Well-fed (eat something)

When you are using potions I recommend you to use a mana regeneration potion if you going to use flamelash. It will help you to deal great damage to the wall of flesh.

I strongly suggest you use ironsking, swiftness, and regeneration potions.

Also, there is an optional potion which is an obsidian skin potion. This will protect you if you accidentally fall into lava while you are fighting with the wall of flesh.


To make an arena to fight the wall of flesh you need a lot of ash blocks. You can understand it from the picture below.

terraria wall of flesh arena

You must build a long bridge using ash blocks (at least 4000). The advantage of using ash blocks for this fight is the wall of flesh eyes are not going through from the ash blocks a lot. That’s how its AI is made. So I recommend you build it with ash blocks.

So if you have 4 stacks of ash blocks build a straight ash bridge. Also f you use a builder potion you can build it faster.

Wall of flesh drops

laser rifle
warrior/ranger/sorcerer/ summoner emblem
Healing potions
wall of flesh mask
wall of flesh trophy
demon heart (expert)

Terraria wall of flesh won’t spawn (solved)

If you are having trouble with spawning terraria wall of flesh this will help you. You can summon wall of flesh by dopping a voodoo doll into lava at the underworld. There are 2 types of voodoo dolls in terraria called guide voodoo dolls and a clothier voodoo doll.

If you have a guide voodoo doll make sure that your guide NPC is alive in your world before you drop your guide voodoo doll into lava.

The reason for this is the guide NPC is dying after you drop the guide voodoo doll to lava. If your guide is not in your world you must wait until the guide NPC arrives to summon the wall of flesh.

If you have a clothier voodoo doll it works the same way as the guide voodoo doll. You can use a clothier voodoo doll when you have clothier NPC in your world.

What to do after beating wall of flesh

After you beat the fall of flesh you will enter the hardmode. So the first thing you must do is break crimson or demon altars to spawn hardmode ores in your world.

You can break altars using the pawhammer dropped by the wall of flesh. Then ready for the next boss fight which is queen slime.

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