Terraria Nazar – Easiest way to get Nazar in Terraria

This article will show you how to get the terraria Nazar and what you can do with the terraria, Nazar. Terraria nazar grants immunity to ‘cursed’.

That means there is a debuff called cursed and when you are cursed you can’t use any items (4 sec in normal and 8 sec in expert mode.

So you will be in big trouble if you are surrounded by a lot of enemies while you are cursed.

It is caused because of enemies such as cursed skulls, giant cursed skulls, cursed hammers, enchanted swords, expert mode brain of Cthulhu.

What can you craft using Nazar?

Using the nazar and megaphone in terraria you can craft a countercurse mantra. Which grants immunity to cursed and silenced. Also, this is one of the ingredients that allow you to craft the ankh shield.

How to get terraria nazar

Nazar is dropped by cursed skulls, giant cursed skulls, cursed hammers, enchanted swords, and crimson axes.

I think the best way to get it by going into the pre hardmode dungeon and use a battle potion and water candles to increase enemy spawn rate and beat cursed skulls as much as you can. There is a 1% chance that enemies will drop it.

So that doesn’t mean you need to beat 100 cursed skulls. Sometimes terraria players get terraria nazar by beating 1- 10 cursed skulls. Also sometimes players able to get it by beating 1-10 skulls.

Since you are in the hardmode the enemies will get much harder to beat. So I suggest you farm it in pre hardmode dungeon.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial about how to get terraria nazar

  1. First Beat skeletron at the dungeon.
terraria nazar

2. Make a large room in the dungeon

terraria nazar

3. Use battle potions and water candles to increase enemy spawn rate and use best pre hardmode weapons such as Amazon, Ice blade, falcon blade, starfury, enchanted sword, muramasa, etc.

Terraria nazar how to get

4. Kill cursed skulls

how to get terraria nazar

Why nazar is not dropping?

As I said before sometimes you need to beat more than 100 cursed skulls until they drop the nazar and sometimes players get it by beating 1-10 cursed skulls.

If you started a new world on expert mode, there is a 2% chance for enemies to drop the nazar. But in expert mode, skeletron boss will be tougher than the normal mode. So use your best weapons if you are deciding to try this on expert mode.

Also, you can do this if you are in hardmode and trying to get the nazar because your hardmode weapons will help you to beat enemies faster in your new expert mode world.

I did a test about getting a nazar in terraria. I used muramasa as my weapon and I entered the dungeon at 10.30 pm in-game time. I just explore the area a little bit and didn’t use battle potions and water candles.

Then at 11.00 pm in-game time a cursed skull came at me and I kill it using muramasa. Then it dropped the terraria nazar. I don’t think it will work for you like me, but you can try it.

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