terraria mods for mobile

Terraria mods for mobile and How to install

This article will give you information about terraria mods for mobile. You may already know that the terraria game has a huge fan base since 2011. It is still growing and the players are having fun by playing it.

You can play terraria on Android, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Google stadia, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Wii U, and more.

Every game player likes to have a new experience when they are playing games. A lot of terraria players that play terraria on pc are using mods to have more fun. They are playing huge mods like calamity, overhaul, thorium, etc. In Pc, you can use a DLC called Tmodloader to install any mod easily to terraria.

 I also wrote an article about installing terraria mods for pc if you want to check it out click here.

You may already know that Tmodloader still doesn’t have a mobile version of it and the huge mods that I mentioned before also still don’t have a mobile version of it. But you don’t need to lose your hope, you can still have fun by adding mods for mobile.

There are apps that you can download to add mods to your game. Some of them are paid apps and some of them are free. I will give you information about both of these kinds of apps in this article.

Terraria mods for mobile

1. TL Pro

As the first mod, I’m going to talk about the TL pro app. This mod will help you to add a mod menu to terraria. Only you have to do is go to playstore to download it. Also, this is mod having an android version only. So you can’t use this app on iSO devices.

terraria mods for mobile

This app will cost you only 0.99 dollars. If you don’t have money to download it, there might be free ways to download it on the internet. But I suggest you download the paid app because you can get advantages from it and It will be safer.

This app not an official app but you can enjoy it a lot from this. Using this app, you will able to get new bosses, cheat panels, textures packs, etc.

2. Happy Mod

As the second terraria mobile app, the happymod app will allow you to download mod apps. I suggest you download 2 mod apps for terraria to play for now. First download happymod apk using this link.

Then keep a backup of your terraria original game because you need to uninstall your terraria app to download this. Now open the Happymod app and search ‘terraria’ in it. Then you will see 2 apps called terraria.

terraria mods for mobile

You can download both of them and try them. Using these mods you can enable godmod, high damage mod, get any item that you want, etc.

3. Craft Terraria Mod

This mod will allow you to get a better experience on terraria. From this mod, you will able to get 450+ enemies, 20+ bosses, 30+ pets, 100+ blocks, etc. Also, you can get a cheat menu that allows you to change time, weather and speed up time, unlimited flying, etc.

As I said there are a lot more than things that I mentioned in this mod.

You can download the apk file and the obb file using these link for this mod and I found a Video of that apk mod on youtube.

To download the apk file click here

To download the obb file click here

What can you do If you want to play terraria calamity mod on mobile

I said that calamity mod is still not available for mobile. But there is a way to get the calamity mod experience on your mobile.

You can do this by downloading the calamity mod texture pack to your mobile. This calamity mod texture pack will bring you the calamity mod experience because it will add the calamity mod music, weapon textures, etc. to download it click here.

After you downloaded the texture pack you need to delete and re-install the terraria 1.2.4 version because this texture pack only works on the terraria 1.2.4 version. To download it click here

Also, you need to uninstall TL pro, if you have installed it on your device and download the older version of it. To download it click here.

Now you have all the 3 files that I mentioned before. Now, this step-by-step guide will help you to install it.

Terraria 1.2.4 Folder

  1. You need to unzip the terraria 1.2.4 zip file and then copy the ‘com.and.game505.terrariapaid’

file and paste it at android/obb

  1. Then install the terraria 1.2.11212.apk to your device

TL Launcher old version

  1. Install the TerLauncher beat 2.8 apk to your device.

Skyfall file

  1. This is the calamity mod texture file, unzip the Skyfall file and copy all the extracted files, and past it to Android/data/‘com.pixelcurves.tluncher’ folder (Before you do that make sure you deleted all files in ‘com.pixelcurves.tluncher’ folder)

That is all you have to do.

I think now you understood about terraria mods for mobile and the best way to get the full experince of mods on terraria is playing mods on PC version. But If you don’t have a pc to try it, it’s ok to try these methods.

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