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Terraria Magic Storage Tutorial – Ultimate Guide

Are you new to use mods in terraria? Then this magic storage tutorial is for you. Have you installed the terraria magic storage mod and don’t have any idea about how to use it? This Ultimate Guide will help you to figure out everything about using the magic storage.

Magic storage mod is very helpful for terraria players who play huge mods like calamity, thorium, etc. Because there are a lot of items in these mods and you will have to go everywhere in your base for finding items in chests.

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Also, there is another advantage in this mod, it is easier to find any item because if you can search your items using this mod. This option is very helpful for me because sometimes I forget where did I put items. there more surprisingly helpful things in this mod.

So let’s start this terraria magic storage tutorial

Storage Component

When you want to make a magic storage first item you must craft is a storage component. To make a storage component you need 10 wood and 2 iron bars.

Use these two ingredients to make a storage component on a workbench.

Now you have a storage component this is the basic material that you need to create other things in your magic storage. So using this you need to make a storage heart.

Storage Heart

Storage heart is the base of your magic storage. This will allow you to access your magic storage. To craft a storage heart, you need a storage component, 3 diamonds, and 7 emeralds at a workbench. Now place your storage heart in a place that you can easily get access to.

Now if you right-click on it, you will see 40 slots. If you are tried to place items in it, it won’t work. The reason for this because you don’t have storage yet.

The storage heart only allows you to get access to your magic storage as I said. So need to craft a storage unit to store your items in the magic storage.

Storage Unit

This item will allow you to store your items in magic storage. You can store up to 40 items using a storage unit. To craft a storage unit you need 1 storage component, a chest, and 10 silver or tungsten bars at a workbench.

Once you have crafted the storage unite you can place it next to the storage heart. This picture will help you to understand it.

Now if you tried to get access to the storage heart and place items in it, you can do it now. Remember a single storage unit has 40 slots.

So you can’t store more items than 40. If you want to store more items, you can make another storage unite or you can upgrade your storage unite using storage upgrades.

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I will show you how to do it. But before it, I must tell you that you can also craft items using this magic storage. To add this option to your magic storage, you need a storage crafting interface.

Storage Crafting Interface

Storage crafting interface will allow you to craft items with magic storage. To craft a storage crafting interface, you need 1 storage component, 3 diamonds, and 7 sapphires at a workbench. After you craft, it places next to the magic storage.

Now you have created 3 magic storage items and make sure all of them are connected otherwise it won’t work.
This picture will help you to understand it.

Now let’s take a look at how to use this Storage Crafting Interface

There are many items you can use for crafting in terraria such as workbench, anvil, furnace, etc. When you are going to craft some items normally first you go for the chests and gather the items, then you go to the crafting station.

But when you are using a storage crafting interface on your magic storage you don’t want to do that. I will show you how can you use this as a crafting station

For example, let’s think you want to craft a wooden door. First, you must make a workbench and add it to your inventory.

Now right click on the storage crafting interface and place the workbench in a ‘crafting stations’ slot.

If you have wood in the storage you will see the items you can craft with wood using the workbench.

you will see more if you add more items for crafting station slots such as furnace, anvil, sawmill, bottle (to craft potions), tinkerer’s workshop, etc.

Magic Storage Tutorial

You can craft the item that you want to craft by selecting the ‘craft’ option. Then your item will be crafted to the slot next to it.

Now you have basic magic storage. Now let’s upgrade your storage capacity.

Storage Upgrade

There are 9 items that will allow you to increase your storage capacity. They are crimtane storage upgrade, demonite storage upgrade, hellstone storage upgrade, hollowed storage upgrade, blue chlorophyte storage upgrade, luminite upgrade, and terra storage upgrade. Each of these storage upgrades will increase your storage capacity.

Crimtane/demonite upgrade = 80 capacity
Hellstone upgrade = 120 capacity
Hallowed upgrade = 160 capacity
Blue chlorophyte upgrade = 240 capacity
Luminite upgrade = 320 capacity
Terra upgrade = 640 capacity

You can craft these storage upgrades with the bars. For example, if you want to make a crimtane storage upgrade you need crimetane bars.

So when you have at least one crimtane bar you can go to the guide NPC and view the recipe. You can also view those recipes by using those 5 diamonds. They are emerald, ruby, diamond, sapphire, and topaz.

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What is blue chlorophyte?

Blue chlorophyte is also called shroomite bars. You can make a shroomite bar by combining 1 chlorophyte bar with 15 glowing mushrooms at an autohammer.

How to upgrade the storage using a storage upgrade

When you have a storage upgrade only you have to do it go near to a storage unit and right-click when you are selecting the storage upgrade.

For example, if you have a demonite/crimtane storage upgrade go near to storage unite and place it by right-clicking.

But there is an order that you can upgrade the storage. You can’t just add a hallowed or a blue chlorophyte storage upgrade after adding a crimtane/demonite upgrade. You must upgrade it to the order.

Remote Storage Access

This item will help you to get access to your magic storge from anywhere. So let’s think you need to get access to your magic storage from the jungle. Only you have to do is right-click on this and you get access to it.

But there is little work you have to do to set up this.

Here is how,
First make remote storage access using 1 storage component, 3 diamonds, and 7 rubies at a workbench. Now place it anywhere you want.

In this case, I place it in the jungle biome. Now you need to connect this to a storage heart.

To do it you need a locator. You can craft it using 10 meteorite bars and 5 ambers at an anvil.
Once you have a locator go to the storage heart and right-click on it while selecting the locator from the inventory.

Then go near the remote storage access and again right-click to it while you are selecting the locator from the inventory.

Now you can access the magic storage using it.

Storage connector

Magic Storage Tutorial

You can use this item to connect the magic storage items if you are feeling unorganized by having a lot of blocks on your base. This picture will help you to understand it.

Storage Access

This item is also similar to the storage heart. You can you this to get access to the magic storage.

Portable remote storage access

I think this item will be your favorite item. This item will help you to get access to the storage from anywhere and anytime you want.

Only you have to do is right-click to the storage heart while you are selecting the portable remote storage access.

To craft this item, you will need a radiant jewel (which is dropped by the moon lord), locator drive, 3 diamonds, 7 rubies. You need an ancient manipulator as the crafting station.

I think you understood this terraria magic storage tutorial. Please leave a comment

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