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Terraria Inventory Editors – The Best Way to Get Any Item in Terraria

Are you looking for a way to get any items in terraria? That is why you need an inventory editor to customize your character’s inventory.

You can use inventory editor not only to edit the character’s inventory, but you can also use it to edit your character’s appearance too.

This will be very helpful if you are bored to find items by going everywhere in your terraria world. Sometimes I also get bored playing terraria when finding items to craft new items.

Also, this will be helpful if you want to change your current character’s appearance. There are many applications you can use as an inventory editor in terraria.

Also, there are map editors to edit maps as well.

Also remember, terraria inventory editors are not developed by Re-logic, they are third-party programs.

There is no problem if you are playing your current game on terraria journey mode.

You can edit it too. Now let’s talk about the first terraria inventory editor that you can use. Which is Terrasavr.


Terraria Inventory editor

Terrarasavr is a web-based application that will help you to edit your terraria character’s inventory. As I said this is a web-based application, which means you can edit your terraria character’s inventory online without downloading any application to your PC.

So it will be very easy to use and you will be able to add things that you want very quickly, using this.

Use this link to go to Terrasavr.

Now you will see it as a one-page website. Here you can edit your current terraria character or you can make a new one and edit that character’s inventory.

  • If you are going to make a new character and edit that, you can make a new character from the game and then select the ‘Load player’ option from terrasavr.
terraria character editor

After that, you must select your player by going to Documents\My Games\Terraria\Players.

  • Or if you are going to edit your current character’s inventory, you can select the ‘Load player’ option. After selecting it, a new window will open to select your terraria character’s file on your PC.

Now go to Documents\My Games\Terraria\Players. Here you will see your Player’s character file with the character’s name. Select it to open in the web application. Also, don’t forget to have a backup of your saved files before you do this.

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How to add items to the inventory using terrasavr  

  • Now let’s talk about how to add items to the inventory using terrasavr  

First, you must select the ‘Inv.’ Option from the top to edit your inventory. Here you will see the current items that your character has if you loaded a character file.

terraria inventory editor
  • You can add items to the inventory by searching them or selecting them from each category. Let’s think you want to add iron bars to your inventory.

You can add it by searching it on the search bar or you can add them from categories. Selecting items from a category will be helpful if you are looking for items when you don’t know the exact name.

  • If you want to delete some items, you must select the item you want to delete and place it in the items slots.

Editing terraria Character’s appearance

If we talk about how to edit a character’s appearance, you can do it by selecting the ‘Char.’ Option from the top.

terraria inventory editor

Here you will be able to change almost everything about your character. You can copy and paste the color codes if you want to change the colors such as hair, skin, eyes, etc. Also, you can change the health, mana, mode, etc.

What else you can do

You can also edit equipable items (such as pet, light per, minecart, hook and mount), piggy bank inventory, safe, defenders forge, void bag, add buffs, and more.

Saving the edited character to the game

After you have done the editing to the character, select ‘Save player’. Then the save file will download to your downloads folder. After that select it and replace it with the old player file. Make sure you have backup files before doing this.

Terraria InvEdit

terraria invedit
source: terraria.fandom.com

The second inventory editor on the list is terraria InvEdit. Terraria InvEdit is a windows-based application. This application is recommended for the terraria version.

You can use this after installing it on a Windows PC. If you are wondering how to use it, you only have to do is open the players file using this application by going to Documents\My Games\Terraria\Players

And then do the changes you want to do to your character and save it. Then you will have a new save file, now replace it with the old one.

Also, don’t forget to have a backup.


winterra edit
source: terraria.fandom.com

WinTerrEdit is another web-based application you can use as a terraria inventory editor. This application is recommended for the terraria version.

This also helps you to edit your character and your character’s inventory. You can use this application by opening your current player’s file. To find it go to Documents\My Games\Terraria\Players.

After opening your character’s file using WinTerrEdit you can add items to your inventory. Also the storage like the piggy bank and void bag.


1. Can I use terraria inventory editor on the mobile version?

Yes, you can use terraria inventory editor on mobile android and Apple iOS versions. Make sure you have at least the terraria version.

Try the web-based application when you are doing this (terrasavr). Only you have to do is load your character’s save file from it.

You can find your terraria players save files in android


You can find your terraria players save the file in iOS

Browse/On My (device)/Terraria/Players

After loading it you can do the changes and save it to your mobile and then replace it with your old save file. Make sure that you have a backup also before replacing the file.

2. Which terraria inventory editor should I use if I want to edit my journey mode character?

There are 2 applications you can use to edit your journey mode character’s inventory. The first one is Terrasavr and the next is WinTerrEdit.

I think the best one is from these two is Terrasavr because there is an option in this application called ‘Research’.

You can use it to unlock all items in journey mode if you want or you can select which items you need to unlock. Also, you can add any new item without any problem.

So I think this is good to use if you want to edit your journey mode character.

3. Can I use inventory editors in MAC OS?

Yes, you can just use terrasavr to do this. It is that same method when you are doing it on a windows PC.

4. Can I use this if I have lost my current character or some items?

I saw this problem happening to a lot of terraria players. If I answer this question shortly, the answer is yes. Almost every terraria player is spending a lot of time in terraria.

But what if you lost your save files or lost your character when you have awesome items? It is painful, right? But you can make a new character and add the items that you had using this.

For me it was very helpful when I was lost my Drill Mount, I just add into the inventory using terrasavr editor.

If you are making a new character make sure to create a new character from the game and then use that player file to load in the editor.

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