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Terraria hotkeys (Shortcut keys) – Guide

This guide is about terraria hotkeys.

Left mouse Button – use item, place blocks
Right mouse – Interact, drop item, swap inventory items with equipped items
W – Up
S – Down
A – Left
D – right
Spacebar – Jump
E – Grapple (you are will able to grapple when your player has a grappling hook)
Left shift – Auto select (this option is very helpful when you are putting items from your inventory to chest or chest to inventory. While you are opening a chest just press shift + left mouse button then that item will be moved to your inventory.)
Left ctrl – Smart cursor
Left Alt – favorite item
C – Toggle journey powers
R– Quick mount (you will able to use this option after you equipped a mount)
H – Quick heal (this will use the best healing potion on your inventory)
B – Quick buff (this will use one of each of your buff potions in your inventory)
Esc – inventory
M – Map
Tab – Toggle map style
(+) – Zoom in the minimap
(-) – Zoom out minimap
Enter – Chat
Alt + Enter – Fullscreen
F10 – Show FPS
F11 – Hide UI
F12 – Screenshot (You can do this if you are using terraria on steam)

Now let’s talk about how to use some of these hotkeys as an experienced terraria player

Right mouse button – I told you that you can use the right mouse button to interact and drop items while you are selecting them. Also, you can swap the equipable item with an equipped item. For example, let’s think you have a band of regeneration in your inventory.

If you right-click on it, it will be swapped with the first equipable item in your equipable list.
Also, you can do the same when you are changing armors too.

This option was helpful to me when I doing fishing quests. I was able to quickly swap angler west, pants, and hat with the armor so I can increase the fishing power.

Left shift – are you always place torches, pickaxe, axe, and glowsticks on your hot bar? There is a simple way you can use all of these items by pressing the left shift. So you don’t need to place all the items on your hot bar anymore.

Let’s think you want to use torches. Move your mouse cursor where you want to place the torch and press the left shift + left mouse button.

terraria hotkeys

Let’s think you need to use the pickaxe. Only you have to do is repeat the same after you moved your mouse cursor to blocks. It is the same when you want to use the axe to cut down trees.

When you want to use glow sticks move your mouse cursor away (more than your player’s blocks placing range) and press shift + left mouse button. But you can just press shift + Mouse click to throw them if you are under the water.

terraria hotkeys

Left Alt – you can favorite items using this option. It will help you to block quick trash, stacking, and selling. Mostly it was helpful for me when I using the ‘quick stack to nearby chests’ option.

Left Ctrl – If you normally press the left ctrl button, you can enable the smart cursor mod. This is very helpful when you are mining and building.

Also if you press Left Ctrl + left mouse to an item in the inventory, you can quick trash it and quickly sell it while you are viewing and any NPC’s shop.

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More About Terraria equipment hotkeys

When you have equipped a minecart, mount, and a grappling hook to your equipment list you can use hotkeys to use them easily.

terraria hotkeys

To summon the mountR
To use the grappling hookE
To use the minecart – R (while on minecart track)

How to pause terraria on PC

Press Esc while you are playing the game and go to settings and turn Autopause – On.
Now the game will pause when you press Esc.

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