terraria bosses duke fishron

Terraria Duke Fishron Ultimate Guide – Strategies and Loadouts

This article is about terraria duke fishron. If you are going to beat duke fishron for the first time or in expert mode, this article will help you a lot. You can find information like how to beat duke fishron, the best weapons to beat duke fishron, and more.

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Terraria duke fishron

terraria bosses duke fishron

There are 17 main bosses in terraria and the duke fishron is the 14 boss on the list. Duke fishron belongs to the ocean biome. Normally terraria players beat duke fishron after beating the golem boss.

But you can also beat duke fishron before you beat platera. But it is very difficult to do that.

How to summon terraria duke fishron

You can summon duke fishron by fishing at the ocean biome using a truffle worm. Truffle worms have 666% bait power and you can find them at the mushroom biome.You can use a bug net to catch truffle worms.

How to catch truffle worms fast

To farm duke fishron you need to catch more truffle worms. The best way to catch more truffle worms in terraria is by building a truffle worm farm in the mushroom biome.

Loadouts and strategy to beat duke fishron in expert and normal


Besty’s Wrath
Tactical Shotgun(cholophyte bullets)
Megashark (cholophyte bullets)
Vile thron

Note – The best weapon for the duke fishron boss fight is the tactical shotgun. You can use the mega-shark if you are playing mode. You must use it with cholophyte bullets for maximum effort.

Note for expert mod players – You must add modifiers to all these weapons such as godly, deadly, demonic, superior, or masterful. You can add modifiers with gobbling tinkerer NPC by selecting his forge item option.


Beetle armor/Shroomite armor/hollowed armor

terraria duke fishron armor

There is 3 recommended armor for this fight. Make sure you have the maximum health which is 500.

How to make beetle/shroomite/hollowed armor

Beetle armor– you can make beetle armor by using 16 beetle tasks, turtle helmet, turtle scale male, and turtle leggings at a Mythril anvil. You can get beetle armor by beating the golem.

Hollowed armor– To make hollowed armor you need 46 hollowed bars at a Mythril anvil. You can get hollowed bars by beating mechanical bosses.

Shroomite armor– To make shrromite armor you need 44 shroomite bars at a Mythril anvil. If you are going to make a shroomite armor make sure you build


Hardmode wings (frozen, fairy, harpy, or fin)
Lightning boots/ terraspark boots
Shield of cathulhu (expert)
Spore sac (expert)
Worm Scarf (expert)
Charm of myths
Magic quiver

Note for expert mod players – If you are playing expert or master mode make sure to add modifiers to all of your accessories.

I recommend you add modifiers like warding, guarding, or armored because these modifiers will max your defense.

You can add modifiers with gobbling tinkerer NPC by selecting his forge item option.


regeneration potion
Ironskin potion
Wreath potion
Well-fed buff
Endurance potion
Swiftness potion


You must make your arena on ocean biome to fight with duke fishron. This picture will help you to understand how to build it.

terraria duke fishron arena

Make sure to build 2 platforms with a huge gap. Longer platforms will help you to dodge attacks nicely. You can use the shield of cathulhu to dodge duke fishron’s attacks if you are in expert mode.

You can build a house for nurse NPC nearby and make a spawn point in it using a bed. So you can use her to heal your character when you are in lower health.

Strategy to beat duke fishron

The strategy to beat duke fishron is to make a long arena as I said then go to the left or right corner of your arena after spawning him. Dodge duke fishron’s attacks until he makes tornadoes. Then after making tornadoes you must go to the other side of your arena.

Duke fishron drops

Bubble gun
Razorblade typhoon
Tempest staff
Fishron wings
Greater Healing potions
Duke fishron mask
Duke fishron trophy
Shrimpy truffle

Terraria duke fishron farm

Make sure to catch a lot of truffle worms to farm duke fishron. You must farm duke fishron to get all the items.

Why duke fishron despawn

If you went too far from the ocean biome duke fishron will despawn immediately. So make sure to stay on the ocean biome while you take the fight with duke fishron.

how to dodge duke fishron attacks

If you are an expert mode player, you can use the shield of cathulhu to easily dodge the duke fishron. But if you are a normal player you can use cloud in a bottle and frog legs with steampunkers jetpack. Also, you can use the master ninja gear

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