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Terraria Cellphone – Ultimate Guide to Obtain in Pre-Hardmode

This guide is about how to make a terraria cellphone. If you are still in pre hardmode, there is no problem with it because you can obtain it in pre hardmode too.

There are 13 basic items you need to craft a cellphone in terraria. The cellphone is not an equipable item, so you don’t need to place it at your accessory slots. You can just place it on your inventory to use.

What can you do with a Cellphone in terraria

Basically, a terraria cellphone displays everything and you can use it to teleport to your home. There are 12 things displayed from it.

terraria cellphone

They are time, weather, moon phase, fishing (fishing power), treasure (Nearby treasure items), Rare creatures (displays the name of rare creatures when they are nearby), creature count, Kill count, damage per second, movement speed, position, and depth.

Is it Easy to Obtain Terraria Cellphone in pre-hardmode?

Yes. It is easy to obtain it in pre hardmode and I did it when I was playing terraria on expert mode. Also, Cellphone is a post skeletron item.

There is an advantage when you are playing terraria on expert mode. There are some items that might take some effort to find in normal mode. But you can find Them faster in expert mode.

Example– you need a metal detector as a material when you are crafting a cellphone. The metal detector is normally dropped by a nymph which is a very rare creature. In normal mode, there is a 50% chance and in expert mode, there is a 100% chance.

Recipe to craft Terraria Cellphone

PDA + Ice mirror/ Magic mirror at a tinkerer’s workshop

Recipe to craft PDA

  1. GPS
  2. Goblin Tech
  3. Fish Finder
  4. R.E.K 3000

All the Basic items

  1. Magic mirror/Ice mirror
  2. Golden or platinum watch
  3. Radar
  4. DPS meter
  5. Stopwatch
  6. Tally Counter
  7. Depth meter
  8. Compass
  9. Lifeform Analyzer
  10. Metal Detector
  11. Fisherman’s Pocket Guide
  12. Weather Radio
  13. Sextant

Guide to make the cellphone in terraria

Finding a magic mirror or an ice mirror

First, you must find a magic mirror or an ice mirror because it is easy to obtain according to your world.

Usually, you can found them mostly in golden chests in underground and cavern layers. If you have already obtained it there is no problem.

Golden or platinum watch

You will also need a golden or platinum watch when you are crafting a GPS. You need 10 platinum or gold bars and a chain to make a watch at a table and chair.

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You can easily find radars in wooden chests near your spawn area. Sometimes you won’t, if you still don’t have a radar using this seed and go to the location as the picture. You will find a radar in a wooden chest.

obtain terraria cellphone - radar

DPS meter, stopwatch, and lifeform analyzer

terraria cellphone - dps meter

You can use a DPS meter to view the damage per second and you can buy a DPS meter, stopwatch, and the lifeform analyzer from the Traveling Merchant NPC for 5 gold coins for each.

He won’t sell them every day so keep checking his shopping items every day when he arrives.

Tally Counter

terraria cellphone tally counter

To find a tally counter you must go to the dungeon and kill all the enemies in your way, then you will be able to get a tally counter.

Usually, the tally counter is dropped by angry bones, cursed skulls, and dark casters (there is a 1/100 chance to drop).

Metal detector

metal detector in terraria

The metal detector is dropped by an enemy called the nymph. It is a very rare creature that spawns in the cavern layer.

There is a 50% chance to drop a metal detector from a nymph in normal mode and a 100% chance to drop it in Expert or master mode.

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Depth Meter and compass

You can find both items by killing underground enemies. Mostly I got these items when I was killing enemies in the underground of the snow biome.

Especially there is a higher chance to drop the compass from the enemies of the underground snow biome.

Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, Weather Radio, Sextant

terraria cellphone -fishfinder

The only way to obtain these 3 items is by completing fishing quests. You can get a fishing quest per day from the Angler NPC.

Crafting GPS, Goblin Tech, Fish Finder, and R.E.K 3000

To make the PDA you need GPS, Goblin Tech, Fish Finder, and R.E.K 3000. To craft a GPS, you need a golden or a platinum watch, depth meter, and a compass

To craft a goblin tech, you need a DPS meter, Stopwatch, and a metal detector

To craft a fish finder, you need Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, Weather Radio, Sextant

To craft a R.E.K 3000 you need radar, tally counter, and lifeform analyzer.

After crafting all the items (GPS, Goblin Tech, Fish Finder, and R.E.K 3000) you can use them to craft a PDA

You can use the tinkerer’s workshop as the crafting station to craft all of these items.

Crafting the Cellphone

Now you have crafted the PDA and you have a magic mirror/ice mirror. This is the final step to craft the terraria cellphone.

Combine your PDA and magic mirror/ice mirror at a tinkerer’s workshop to make the cellphone.

How did I craft the cellphone in pre-hardmode (Tips)

First I was able to found a magic mirror from an underground chest. I was playing on an expert mode, so I was able to find rare items fast, such as the metal detector.

Also don’t forget to complete fishing quests every day, so you will be able to collect Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, Weather Radio, Sextant. The first thing I did after surviving the first night in terraria is finding the angler NPC.

Having enchanted night crawlers as bait, are really helpful when fishing in the early game. Make sure to have a good fishing pole that has at least 15% fishing power.

There is a trick to complete fishing quests fast in terraria. You can catch more than 1 quest fish per day if you don’t have any quest fish in your inventory.

Terraria cellphone fishing

So you must store your fish in a portable storage (such as a piggy bank) and then start fishing again. Do this couple more times until you have at least 3 quest fish.

Now go to the angler and complete the fishing quest. Now if you try to give the other quest fish to the angler it won’t work because you have already done the daily quest.

But you can do it by changing your current character. That means only you have to do is, go to the main menu and create a new character (or you can use another character if you have more) and then go to your world that you are already playing.

Now take another quest fish and give it to the angler.

To find items like tally counter, metal detector, compass, and depth meter you must kill enemies. So it will be very useful if you are using a water candle to increase the spawn rate.

You can find water candles in the dungeon or you can craft them. This will help a lot to found the following items.

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