Terraria don’t starve together

Terraria 1.4.3 Update New Things – World Seed

This article is about Terraria 1.4.3 update. This update is released in November 2021. The special thing about this terraria update is this is a crossover with don’t starve together. So there are new items and weapons, a new boss, and more in this update.

This update is very different than the other terraria updates because it’s a crossover with don’t starve together and the re-logic team decided to give that crossover as a word seed that themed don’t starve together.

Terraria don’t starve together world seed

So usually you play events in terraria but this is way more different than it. In this terraria update, you can play a world that themed as they don’t starve together game.

To do this first you must go and select a character in terraria and make a new world.

When you are making a new world you should paste this text on as your seed ‘the constant’.
You can make any kind of world with this seed.

terraria don't starve update world seed

After you made it correctly you will see this icon in the ‘select world’ menu.

terraria 1.4.3 update world seed

Now your world will look like this after you started it.

Terraria don’t starve together

New things in terraria 1.4.3 update


Tentacle spike

This is a pre-hardmode weapon and you can have this weapon from corruption and crimson enemies. There is a 0.2% chance to drop it. This weapon has 19 melee damage

Bat bat

This is another pre-hardmode weapon and it has 31 melee damage. This weapon is dropped from bats and there is a 0.4% chance to drop. There is a special thing about this weapon as a pre-hardmode weapon which is it heals your character from 1hp when you are hitting an enemy.

Abigail’s flower

This item is for summoners. This weapon has 6 summon damage. You can easily find it on the grass near the tombstone. So this will be good in the early game because 6 summon damage is not too much.

Pew-matic horn

This weapon is for rangers in terraria and it has 20 ranged damage. You can obtain this weapon from the deerclops. There is a 25% chance to drop it. Deerclops is the new boss in this update.

Weather pain

This weapon is for mages in terraria and it has 13 magic damage. You can obtain this weapon from deerclops and there is a 25% chance to drop it.

Houndius shootius

This is another summoner weapon and it a sentry and it has 20 summon damage. You can obtain this in pre-hardmode by slaying the deerclopes. There is a 25% chance to drop it.

Lucy the axe

This weapons have 26 melee damage and 150% axe power which is good. This weapon is also can be obtained by slaying the deerclopes and there is a 25% chance to obtain a one. The special thing about this axe is it displays dialogues according to your actions. For an example, if you put this axe into a chest it will display ‘Help! Get me out’.

Ham bat

You can obtain this weapon on hardmode and it has 57 melee damage. You can obtain this by killing pigrons. There is a 4% chance to drop a one. The special this about this weapon is it will give you a healing buff for 7 seconds after you kill an enemy. Also, you can increase the damage of this weapon using food buffs.

Bone helm

This weapon is for expert mod players and it can deal 20 damage. This weapon is dropped from the deerclopes in the expert mode.



This item is a pre-hardmode accessory in terraria. This item will increase your character’s movement speed by 20% and you can craft it using 5 topaz with 12 demonite or crimtane bars at an iron or lead anvil.

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This is the new boss you can summon in the terraria 1.4.3 update. Deerclopes is a pre-hardmode boss that you can summon using a deer thing. You can craft the deer thing using 3 Flinx fur, 1 lens, and 5 crimtane/demonite ore at a demon/crimson altar.

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