is terraria crossplatform

Is Terraria Cross-Platform? Important things you need to know about

This article will help answer you for is terraria cross-platform question. Playing terraria is a great way to have some fun. Since 2011 there are a lot of gamers are playing terraria and the game has sold millions of copies. You are also reading this article because you are playing terraria and you already enjoying it a lot.

is terraria crossplatform

Mostly you can have fun because you are free to do anything in this game and there are a lot of things to explore. But if you are playing terraria only single player, you must try to play to multiplayer too. Because it will be more fun when you will play terraria with your friends.

Think about taking boss fights and building with your friends, It’s is very fun right? But what you can do if you are playing terraria on the PC version and your friend playing terraria on another platform?

That is what this article is about. You may be thinking is terraria cross-platform. If you need a short answer about it, the answer is yes. Terraria is a cross-platform game but yet it is not fully cross playable.

If you want to learn about it more, you can read this article to understand it well. You will find answers for the following topics as is terraria cross-platform between pc and mobile, is terraria cross-platform Xbox and ps4, and more.

Is terraria cross-platform between pc and mobile?

Yes, terraria is cross-platform between PC and mobile. You can now enjoy playing terraria together. You can use both android and iOS devices to join your friends with PC.

How to play terraria between pc and mobile?

1. If you are so interested in terraria PC and mobile crossplay you can try this method to play with your friends who have mobile devices using your PC.

2. A lot of PC players are using this method to terraria crossplay. So here are the steps that you need to take.

3. First, you must download the DepotDownloader’s last version. You can easily download it from the Github website. Click here to download it.

4. As the second step, you must extract your downloaded .zip file using Winrar or 7zip into a folder.

5. Next, you need to download the dotNet setup from the Microsoft official website. Click here to download it. Then install the downloaded dotNet setup to your PC.

6. Then go to the file that you extracted the DepotDownloader and create a Windows batch file in that folder. After creating a Windows batch file, you must put these settings into it.

7. `dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 105600 -depot 105601 -manifest 5578977409290338966 -username (put your steam username) -password (put your steam password)

8. If you don’t know how to do this, It’s ok.  you can simply download the Windows batch file and paste it to that folder. Click here to download the batch file.

9. Now you must run the batch file as an application. This will download the terraria version. (The reason you need terraria because when you are cross playing between PC and mobile terraria you need the same version that the mobile version has on your PC.)

10. After a couple of minutes’ terraria, will be downloaded to your PC. Now go to depots folder>105601 folder>5811633 folder.

11. Now open the terraria.exe file to play the game. That is all you have to do.

Here is a video about this, if you didn’t understand it.

FAQs about terraria mobile and pc crossplay

  1. Can I try this process on MAC?

It will be completely different than you do it on windows. I think this method won’t work on MAC. But you can try it.

2. What if my friend has an older version of terraria mobile like 1.3?

Both of you need the same version of the game if you want to cross-play. I suggest to both of you to have the last version of the game.

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Is terraria cross-platform between ps4 and Xbox one?

If you are wondering about that can you crossplay terraria between PS4 and Xbox, the answer is no.

Terraria cross-platform option is still not supporting between PS4 and Xbox. But there is hope that Re-Logic and DR Studios will introduce the crossplay option between PS4 and Xbox.

Is terraria cross-platform between PS4 and PS3?

Yes. You can play terraria cross-platform between PS4 and PS3. Also, you can use PSV if you want.

Is terraria cross-platform switch and mobile?

No. terraria doesn’t have the crossplay feature between mobile and switch yet.

Xbox 360 and Xbox one?

If you are thinking to play terraria between Xbox 360 and Xbox one, Yes you can play it.

Can you play it between Windows, Mac, and Linux?

Yes defiantly. You can now play terraria between Windows, Mac, and Linux

Can you play it between android and iOS?

Yes. Now you can play terraria between android and iOS devices.

Thoughts of terraria players about this terraria cross-platform option

“I think it would be great! once they get updated and all”

“if cross saving happens that means you can get custom maps on consoles XD”

“Would be awesome! I would love to play 1.3 with my kids on Console. We have it on PC but are limited to single-player, which sucks!”

“No more “pc gang” or “console gang,” soon in the future it’ll be Terraria Gang. Talk about world peace”

“pc… console…. mobile…. Samsung fridge….. the four nations lived at peace until the Samsung fridge attacked XDD”

These comments were taken from the youtube channel ChippyGaming.

I think now you know about is terraria cross-platform.

So let me know your thoughts in the comments. Are you a PC player or a mobile player? What do you think about playing terraria with your friends?

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