survive the first night in terraria

How to survive the first night in terraria – Step by step

So you are going to play terraria. Surviving the first night in terraria is one of the hardest things to do when you have started to play the game. But if you know the method to survive the first night, it will be more easy to do it. In day time there will be slimes to harm you in your world, they are not too much difficult to handle with your copper short sword. But at night you have to face for zombies and demon eyes.

There are a lot of ways to survive the first night. So in this article, I’m going to tell you an easy way to survive the first night in terraria. To do this you must build a shelter to spend the night in. You will have a copper shortsword, copper axe, and a copper pickaxe when you spawn.

terraria when you spawn

So your first tip to do after you spawn in the new world is cut down the trees using your copper axe. Gather at least 350 wood using the axe as soon as possible.

1. Crafting menu

Also, kill some slimes and collect their gel to make torches by using gel and do this press ESE to open the crafting menu. then you will able to see it in the left corner. It will show what you can craft. When you select one of them you will see small images.

Those small images show what you need and how many of them you to craft each selected item. Now select torch and craft as much as you can. If you have at least 10 you are good to go.

Left mouse button to craft one set at a time and Press and Hold Left mouse button to craft a lot of items fast. Don’t forget you must do all of this before the landscape starting to get darker.

I suggest you cut the trees near the place that you have spawned. So after you are done with it, you need to collect some stone blocks. You can do it by using your copper pickaxe. So collect at least 40-50 (or more if you can) stone blocks. I will tell you how you are going to use them.

If you are near the desert go and gather some cactus as much as you can.

After that come to the place that you spawned. You can identify that place on the map.

2. make a shelter if you want to survive the first night in terraria

Now you are going to build the shelter to spend the night. There is a benefit of building your shelter on the place that you have spawned.

 If you are killed somehow in the game you will spawn in the house because it is the place always you are going to spawn. Also, you can use recall poison or a magical mirror to teleport to your place. You haven’t anything to use to teleport to your place yet. But you will find out later.

First, you need to make a wooden floor, select wood and place them on the floor. you can use 10-12 blocks to do this. After that create a vertical line with wood, like you created the floor then also create the roof like that. This picture will help you to understand it.

 then make a workbench by going to the crafting menu. Then place the workbench on the middle of the wooden floor. you will be able to craft things using the workbench. Now you need to craft some items.2 wooden doors

  • 1 chair
  • wood walls
  • bow
  • wooden arrows
  • torches

To craft items using the workbench, go near for it and open the crafting menu. Then you will see some new items that you will available to craft. So first craft 2 doors. Now go to one side of your house and remove 3 wood blocks from the bottom and place the door and do it for the other side like that.

Survive the first night in terraria

now you can move in and out by using them. You can Right-click to open or close it. The zombies will still try to pound the door down but they will not be able to do that.

make a wooden chair again using your workbench and place it with your workbench. Then again craft wooden walls with a workbench and use them to cover the background inside your house.

you can place them one by one or press control and left-click on the background to place them automatically. place 2 or 3 torches to keep your room bright.

Did you saw a person who shoots arrows for enemies with a bow? I think you did. He has random names but you can call him ‘The Guide’. The Guide is a Town NPC character. There are more NPC characters like him.

They will come to your house and stay in a room. Now you have to invite the guide to stay in the room. Every town NPC can help you. The Guide can teach you about what can you build using materials.

To invite him to the room you must press ESC and you will see a small image of a greyed house. now click it and select the Guide’s image and click into your house. then you will see that image will appear on the house wall. It means you invited him.

After he came, close both doors and do not open them until morning. Now you have to craft a bow and some wooden arrows. You can craft them in the crafting menu.

Also, use your cactus to make a cactus sword or you can use wood to make a wooden sword and They will be more harmful to enemies than the copper shortsword. You can remove your wall by using a hammer. You can make a wooden hammer using wood.

Now craft amours using cactus and wood. To wear the crafted armors, select each one, and add one by one to light green color boxes in the right corner. Still, I’m telling you do not to go outside.

Now you have to start digging until morning. So select your copper pickaxe and start digging straight down until morning. You will find new ores and new items when digging. Craft some torches and wooden platforms ( at least 100) lit up when you are digging and you will need wooden platforms when you are digging because you can use them to go up.

If you have any new materials, go and right-click for the guide and select crafting. Then you will see a little box in the left corner. Place your material there and you can see what you can craft by using it.

Surviving the first night in terraria

If you recognize your in-game music changes to the music that you heard before the night that means it is morning and you have survived the night successfully.

Now I think you have the idea about how to survive the first night in terraria

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