how to make chains in minecraft

How to Make Chains in Minecraft – Step-by-step

This article is about how to make chains in Minecraft. You can use chains to decorate items in Minecraft for example, you can use chains to hang various types of items such as lanterns, bells, soul lanterns, etc. Also, you can use chains to hang mobs.

Chains are not flammable and they won’t catch fire from lava so you can use it as a benefit. Don’t forget to mine placed chains using a pickaxe. If you don’t use a pickaxe to mine chains it won’t drop anything.

You can also find chains in the nether. You can find them in ruined portals and in bastion remnants. You can find chain blocks at decoration blocks in creative mode.

Recipe to craft a chain in Minecraft

You can craft a chain using 1 iron bar/ingot and 2 iron nuggets.

You can get iron by burning iron ore in a furnace. You can get iron nuggets from an iron ingot on the crafting menu.

How to make a chain in Minecraft

So after you have the ingredients to craft a chain you can craft it at a crafting table and move it to your inventory. That is all you have to do when you are crafting a chain.

You can use this method in Java, PE, Xbox, Nintendo, Windows 10, etc.

How to rotate chains in Minecraft

You can use chains horizontally and vertically. Normally you can place chains vertically If you want to use them horizontally, place a block and place your chain at the side of the block.

I think now you know about how to make chains in Minecraft.

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