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How to install Terraria mods step-by-step

Terraria is one of the best games that you can play to have a lot of fun. This guide will show you step-by-step how to install terraria mods and what are the best mods you can add for terraria.

Terraria released in 2011 and it already has a huge fan base and it is still growing day by day. Some of them are already beaten the game and some of them are new to play terraria.

If there are any players who board playing terraria, they can try to play it by adding mods because it is very fun to explore new things in this game.

By adding mods, you can get new weapons, new quests, new bosses, etc. There so many mods already out there and you can try them on your own choice.

First, let’s talk about how to install terraria mods to your pc.

How to install terraria mods for Pc using tModLoader?

The easiest and the safest way to install mods to terraria is downloading the tModLoader from Steam. tModLoader is a DLC for terraria and it is officially supported by Re-Logic. TModLoader is like an extension for terraria. After downloading it you can download mods with one click.

To download it, first, open the steam and then select store

Now search for tModLoader and download it. It is totally free.

Then install the tModLoader to the pc and open it. Now you will see it as a normal terraria menu with single-player and multiplayer. But you will see you don’t have your characters and worlds that you played on your normal terraria.

You can only use them only in your normal terraria because the tModLoader still has the 1.3 update of terraria. After the tModLoader release 1.4 update, you will able to migrate your normal terraria characters and worlds to it.

Now you have to open Mod Browser from the menu.

After that, you can see the mods that you can download. You can search by just typing the name of the mod that you need to download.
You can enable and disable mods by opening the Mods option from the main menu.

How to install terraria mods manually

You can add mods to terraria manually also. To do this, first, you need to download tModLoader. But this time you need to download it manually. You can download the latest from the terraria forum.

Now make sure you have a backup of your original terraria files. Extract your terraria tModLoader files and now you have to replace tModLoader files with your original terraria files.

If you don’t know how to find the original terraria files on steam, the only you have to do is open steam and then right-click on terraria. Then go to Manage > Browse Local Files.

After you replace the files in the terraria folder you can add mods manually. You can download mods by searching them on google ex- ‘alchemistnpc mod download’.

I recommend you to download mod files from the terraria forum. Also you can download mod files from other websites too.

After you downloaded the mod file you need to place it at Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mods

Now open terraria. You can enable and disable mods from the mods option in the main menu
That is all you have to do.

Calamity Mod

The first mod that I’m going to talk about is calamity mod. This is one of the most popular mods among the terraria players.

Personally, I also like to play this mod because there are more than 20 new bosses, new biomes, new items, new enemies, and more you can explore in this mod.

When you are downloading calamity mod, there are 2 mods you need to download to get the complete calamity mod. They are,

  1. Calamity Mod (No Calamity Music)
  2. Calamity Mod music

Actually, the 2nd one is optional. You can play the calamity mod by downloading the 1st one but it doesn’t include calamity music. If it is ok for you, you can play calamity mod by just download it. To get the calamity music, you must download the 2nd one.


As the second mod, I’m going to talk about is AlchemistNpc. This mod will add 9 NPC’s to your world. They will sell potions, materials, and some other things. You can’t get all the NPC’s at once by adding the mod. There are conditions to spawn each NPC in your world. You can see the condition by viewing the info of the mod.

This is a very popular mod among terraria players and this will be very useful if you are playing calamity mod.
Alchemist, brewer, young brewer, jeweler, operator, architect, tinkerer, musician, and explorer are the 9 NPCs that you can have from this mod. If you don’t like the AlchemistNPC mod, you can also use the lite mod of it.

Yet Another Boss Health Bar

This mod will be useful when you are taking a fight in a boss battle. This mod will show an amazing boss health bar at the bottom of the game when you are taking the boss fights and non-standard boss fights.

This mod looks like a very simple mod but it will give you an amazing RPG feeling. So I recommend having this mod when you are playing mods like calamity mod. It will give you a better experience when you are playing terraria.

Magic Storage

This mod is very helpful for the players who always forget where they put their items and players who run everywhere in the base to collect the items that they want from chests. This mod has items called magic chests. You can use these chests to sort your items. Actually, you don’t need to do it yourself these magic chests will do it automatically.

You can also set up multiple access points in your world So you can easily get access into your storage without coming to the base every time. So you don’t need to keep a lot of chests and don’t need to run everywhere in your base after you have this mod because you can easily search for your items by getting access to the magic storage. Also, you can craft items using this.

Boss Check List

This mod is also a very helpful mod when you are playing terraria. Boss checklist mod will help you to find out which boss you have to face next and what you need to summon each boss. Also, this includes mini-bosses and events.

This mod will help you a lot when you are playing mods like calamity mod because there are new bosses that you need to handle.
Also, you can set time records of your boss fights, add boss loot and collectibles to the checklist etc.
So using this mod will be defiantly so exciting and it will make you a path to take out boss fights in order.

Chad’s Furniture Mod

I think every terraria player likes to keep their base/home decorated with beautiful items. But what can you do if there are not some items that you want as furniture in-game? That’s why you need to use Chad’s Furniture Mod. Chad’s furniture mod will add more than 700 items that you can use to decorate your base. Suck as blocks, walls, furniture items, etc.

Here is a little base that I build using a few items from this mod also I used some blocks in the original terraria. Also check out Furniture, Food, and Fun Mod because it is also an amazing mod.

So this is a highly recommended mod if you are a fan of building in terraria.

Recipe Browser

The recipe browser mod will help you by giving the recipes of items that you can craft in terraria. However, this is not the only advantage that you can have from this mod. Also, you can filter the crafting recipes of new items that you added using mods to the game.

For example, if you have downloaded chad’s furniture mod to add more items to the game and you don’t know how to craft items, you can easily view the recipes of all the items of that mod.
You can view the recipe browser any time and you can do more things using this mod.

Hero’s Mod

This mod is one of the best mods that you can use for building in terraria. With this mod, you can literary do anything. You may have already seen massive builds in terraria that build by players and you were dreaming about building huge builds like them? Then you can build using this mod like the others.

Lots of terraria players using this mod to build because it is so easy and you can get any item to your inventory using this mod. Also, there are a lot of things you can do including enabling and disable enemy spawning, changing time and weather, etc.

But don’t use this mod when you are playing the game in survival. If you will, you will get bored playing terraria. So use this mod for only building and testing things.

Smart Door

If you are having trouble with doors open automatically like the terraria 1.4 update, you can download the smart door mod. You can use this mod until tModLoader releases its 1.4 update. This mod will allow you to open doors automatically like the terraria 1.4 update.

Auto Trash

You can use this mod to trash items immediately. This mod will be useful when you are mining. You can avoid getting a lot of dirt or any blocks to your inventory. Only you have to do is add the items that you want to auto trash and all that items will be automatically deleted when they got into your inventory.

Also, there is an option in this mod, that you can have this auto trash slot as an auto sell slot. If you want to mine fast using a mod veinminer will be a better mod to do it. Using both mods will save you time and avoid getting a full inventory with useless items for you.

So I think now know how to install terraria mods and what mods you should try when you are new to use mods.

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