how to get seagrass in Minecraft

how to get seagrass in Minecraft easily – 2 steps

This article is about how to get seagrass in Minecraft. You need seagrass to bread turtles and grow baby turtles faster. Normally you can find seagrass in oceans. But if you are trying to find them in frozen oceans you can’t find them because they don’t grow in frozen oceans. You can easily find a lot of seagrass near kelp.

How to grow seagrass in Minecraft

To grow seagrass, you don’t need any seagrass seed or something like that. Only you need is bonemeal to grow seagrass. To make bonemeal you need bones. The easiest way to find bones at the beginning of Minecraft is by killing skeletons.

You can find skeletons at the night and in caves. So make sure you have a shield when you are going to fight with them.

Also, you can find 1-8 bones from jungle temple chests, desert temple chests, dungeon chests, woodland mansion chests and by fishing using unenchanted fishing and It has a 1.2% chance to get a bone.

So the easiest way is killing skeletons because they are very easy to find at night.
When you have bones, now it’s time to make bonemeal using them. You can make 3 bone meal by using 1 bone at a crafting table.

After crafting bonemeal you can plant seagrass underwater (on non-transparent blocks) by pressing the right mouse button.

How to harvest seagrass in Minecraft

You can only harvest seagrass using shears. To make shears you need 2 iron bars. You can find iron by mining underground. You can turn them to iron bars using a furnace. Usually, I use cole (you can found them when mining) to burn items at the furnace.

When you have two iron bars you can craft shears at a crafting table.
When you have shears, go near to the seagrass and press the left mouse button to harvest them. Usually, you use shears by right-clicking them.

But when you are harvesting seagrass you must use the left mouse button.
Also, 0-2 seagrass dropped by turtles when you kill them. I think it’s not a good idea because you can find a lot of seagrass in oceans.

So I think this article helped you to know about how to get seagrass in Minecraft.

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