get rid of fog and darkness in Terraria

The Best way to get rid of fog and darkness in Terraria – Step-by-step

Is your base or someplace is very dark and foggy? And you want to get rid of fog and darkness in terraria? It is very easy to get rid of them.

Most terraria players don’t know how to get rid of fog and darkness because it started to happen after the terraria 1.4 update. It is a mini biome called a graveyard. In graveyard it is always dark with flashes of lightning and game music will change when you enter it.

Also, it will spawn ghosts, zombies, demon eyes, and other kinds of enemies even in the day time. Now I think you get the point. Graveyard biome is made by your gravestones. If there are a lot of gravestones someplace, it will be a graveyard.

How to get rid of fog and darkness in terraria

So first go to the graveyard on your surface and select your pickaxe or grill and remove all of them from the floor. You will see when you are removing one by one of them the darkness of the area also going away. So remove all of them, then you will able to get rid of fog and darkness.

How can I make a graveyard

Normally If you drop 4 gravestones onto the floor graveyard will start to by sky getting darker. If you drop 5 it gets darker and if you drop 6 of them, enemies and fog will start to spawn in that area. It gets darker and foggier until you drop 8 gravestones on to the floor. That means if you drop 8 gravestones in the same place, you get a full graveyard.

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