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How to get bait in terraria – Easy ways to get bait

This article is about how to get bait in terraria and how to farm it. You need baits to complete angler quests and get awesome loot by fishing. Angler is a town NPC who gives you quests daily. Also, you can get rewards by completing quests. If you are wondering about how to find the angler NPC in terraria, you can easily find him on the left or right side ocean in terraria world.

What you can use as bait in terraria

In terraria, you can use a lot of things as bait when you are fishing. You can measure the quality of the catch by bait power.

The baits that you can find easily (with bait power)

Black scorpion 15%
Scorpion 10%
Buggy 40%
Worm 25%
Firefly 20%
Glowing snail 15%
Grasshopper 10%
Snail 10%
Sluggy 25%
Butterfly 5%/10%
Hell butterfly 15%
Dragonfly 20%
Grubby 15%
Jellyfish 20%

You can find scorpions at the dessert. You can find worms and grasshoppers when it’s raining or by destroying tall grasses. If you want to find glowing snails, go to the mushroom biome. Also, you can find more baits when you are fishing.

When you have a worm and a fallen star in your inventory, there is a way to make a bait called enchanted nightcrawler which has 35% bait power. You can craft it by going to the crafting menu by pressing Esc and you can craft it from your hand. That means you don’t need any crafting stations.

What is the bait that has the highest bait power in terraria?

The bait that has the highest bait power in terraria is the truffle worm. A truffle worm has 666% bait power and you can only use it to summon the duke fishron. You can find them at glowing mushroom biomes.

Also, you can sell a truffle worm for 10 gold. If you want to find truffle worms faster, make a truffle worm farm in the mushroom biome and it will help you to get more truffle worms easily.

To make a truffle worm farm you need mud and glowing mushroom grass seed. To get mushroom grass seed, move the dryad to the mushroom biome by making a house. Then you will able to buy it from him.
You can easily find and catch those baits using the bug net.

How to get a bug net in terraria?

The bug net helps you to catch critters such as worms, grasshoppers, fireflies, etc. You can buy a bug net from the merchant NPC. You can buy it for 25 silver coins from him. But you can’t catch the critters in the underworld until you have the lava proof bug net.

To make a lava proof bug net you will need 15 hellstone bars and a bug net. When you have the ingredients to craft it, you can craft it at a hellforge by going to the crafting menu.

How to make a bait farm to get bait in terraria?

Making a bait farm in terraria will help you to get more bait for fishing. To make a bait farm you need dirt and grass seed or jungle grass seed.

You can buy grass seed and jungle grass seed from the dryad (move the dryad to the jungle biome to buy the jungle grass seed). Then you need to create a vertical line using the dirt. After you do it, make horizontal lines using the dirt using the vertical line that you have created.

Now place your grass seed on the horizontal dirt floor and remove the vertical dirt line using your pickaxe or drill.

Use your bug net to catch critters by destroying grass after it has grown. If you have jungle grass, you will need a pickaxe or a drill to destroy the jungle grass. If you are crating your farm using jungle grass seed, I suggest you to create it at the jungle biome.

I think now you have understand how to get bait in terraria. Also don’t forget to do angler quests after you get bait in terraria.

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