How to find Minecraft save files in windows 10

How to find Minecraft save files in windows 10 – Java edition – Step-by-step

Do you want to find Minecraft save files in windows 10? Sometimes you need to find save files to create a backup or replace it with another save file that you have downloaded from the internet.
But finding Minecraft save files is not too easy because you need to find the AppData folder. Normally AppData folder is hidden, that is why it’s not too easy.

Where can you find minecraft save files in windows 10

minecraft java edition save files are located at C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming.minecraft.

You can easily find your saved files with the help of this step-by-step guide because I used this method to get a backup of my to save files and it worked well for me when I was trying to find my Minecraft java edition save the file.

First, you have to open ‘Run’ by searching it on the windows search bar or you can open it by pressing Win + R.

After opening it you need to type AppData and then press Enter.

Then you can get access to the AppData folder. After that open the Roaming folder

Then you can find a file .minecraft. Open that folder.

Now you will see there is a folder called Saves. That is where your Minecraft world details are saved. You can have a backup of it when you lose your saved files or you can replace save files if you have any downloaded saves.

So I think now you have understood how to find Minecraft save files in windows 10.

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