make a circle in terraria

A Simple method to make a circle in terraria

You are here because you want to make a circle in terraria right? So I will show you how to easily make it in terraria step-step-by step. Actually, most terraria players build circles to make mini biomes in it. You can also create a mini biome in it and I will show you how.

When you are going to create a circle you need some material to do it. So you can choose a nice material to do create it such as glass, ice brick, martin conduit plating, snow brick, etc. In this case, I am using ice bricks to build it. But I think if choose glass to do this it will be better.

You can make ice bricks by ice blocks at a workbench. If you want to make glass, you can make it by using sand at a furnace. After getting enough materials to make a circle, you must choose a place to make it.

I made a small circle in this tutorial, I will tell you how to make bigger circles too.

So first you must temporarily make a vertical line using wood or any material because you are going to make your circle on it.

Then this picture will help you to understand how to place your blocks as a circle. Also, don’t forget to remove the vertical line.

Click here to make your own pixel circle like this. It will help you to make a big circle or a small one

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How can you get in to the circle after build it

You may have a problem how are you going to get in it after you make a circle in terraria. There are few ways to do it.

The first way is you can use a rod of discord. Rod of discord will help you to teleport to your mouse cursor in one click. So you can use it to get into the circle.

Rod of discord is very rare to find. It is dropped by chaos elements and you have a 1/500 chance to get it from them.

The second way is making a teleport. To do this you need 2 teleports, 2 levers, a wrench, and wires. This picture will help you to understand how to build it. You can try the third way if you can’t do these both ways.

The third way is making an entrance using ropes.

I think now you have understood how to make a circle in terraria. If you want to make biomes inside of it, you can read this article to understand about it.

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