how to make a chest in terraria

How to easily make a chest in terraria

This article will show you how to make a chest in terraria. We all know how important is chests in terraria because we can store our items in those when our inventory is full. There are 42 types of chests in terraria. Every chest has 40 slots to store items.

That means you can store 40 stacks of items in a chest. Also, you can’t remove the chest until it’s empty.

What is the easiest chest that you can make in terraria?

The easiest way to make a chest in terraria is by making a wooden chest. To make a wooden chest you need 2 iron bars and 8 wood.

If your world doesn’t have iron bars you can use lead bars to do this. So it will be 2 lead bars and 8 wood. You can craft your wooden chest at a workbench when you have the all ingredients in your inventory.

You may have seen different types of chests when you are traveling in terraria. You can also use them by bringing them to your base. To do it you must empty that chest, then you will able to remove it using your pickaxe.

Why you can’t make a chest in terraria?

Make sure you have all the ingredients that I mentioned before. If your world doesn’t have iron ore, look for lead ore and make lead bars using it at a furnace. You can find out iron or lead or by mining the ground using your pickaxe.

Then you will able to find iron or lead. Also don’t forget, you must use a workbench to craft it, not a table.

You can make a workbench when you have 10 wood by going to the crafting menu. A workbench can be crafted by your bare hands

How to get a golden chest?

You can’t craft golden chests in terraria. The only way to get a golden chest is, take it when you find it. You can find golden chests mostly at underground houses and underwater(ocean).

Most of the terraria players like golden chests because they look nicer than the wooden chests and you can find them early at the game.

Why chests are so important in terraria?

If you have played Minecraft you may know that you can easily remove your chest by using any item when the chest is stacked with items. But in terraria, if your chest has at least 1 item in it, you can’t destroy it even if you put dynamite to that chest.

Also, you can place items to a chest or to your inventory easily by pressing the left mouse button + shift key on the item while you are opening the chest.

If you want to loot all items in a chest select “loot items” when you are opening a chest. If you want to put everything in your inventory to a chest you can select ‘’deposit all’’ when you are opening it.

If you select ‘quick stack’ while opening a chest, it will stack the same items from your inventory to the chest.

If select ‘Restock’ it will do the opposite of ‘quick stack’. That means you can fill your inventory with the same items in your chest. If you select the ‘sort items’ option, it will place your items best to worst in the chest. Also, you can rename your chest by selecting ‘rename’

If you have a lot of items in terraria, I suggest you make chests and stack your items by categorizing them.

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