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how to easily get tissue samples in terraria –

This article is about how to get tissue samples in terraria. When I started to play terraria a while ago, I thought I can get tissue samples by beating the wall of flesh. But it’s not right. You can get tissue samples in terraria by beating the brain of chatulu.

There are two worlds in terraria called corruption and crimson. To summon the brain of chathulu you need to make sure you are in a crimson world. If you are not in a crimson world, you must create a new world by using your current character.

Make sure you select crimson when you are creating a new world. Then you need to just go to the crimson biome to find crimson hearts.

You can find them at the underground of the crimson biome and you can break them using a hammer or bombs. You can summon the brain of chathulu by breaking 3 crimson hearts.

If it’s hard to find crimson hearts, you can also use a bloody spine to summon the brain of chathulu. To make a bloody spine you need 30 vicious powder and 15 vertebrae and you craft it at a crimson altar.

The brain of chathulu and also its minions who are called creepers will drop tissue samples when you beat them. You need 106 tissue samples to craft every item that you can craft using tissue samples.

Items that you can craft using tissue samples

You can make a void bag, void vault, obsidian longcoat, obsidian outlaw hat, obsidian pants, crimson greaves, crimson helmet, crimson scalemail, Deathbringer pickaxe, flesh grinder, and the meatball using tissue samples.

Among these items, the most valuable item for me is the void bag and the void vault because you can carry more items using it. So try to make a void bag and a void vault as fast as you can after you get tissue samples in terraria.

You need 30 bones, 15 jungle spores, and 30 tissue samples to craft a void bag. To craft a void vault, you need 15 bones, 8 jungle spores, and 15 tissue samples. You can craft both of these items at a crimson altar or a demon altar.

I think now you have understood how to get tissue samples in terraria and how to use them. I will publish more articles about games. have a nice day.

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