How to build a water elevator in Minecraft

How to build a water elevator in Minecraft – Easy

in this article, I will show you how to build a water elevator in Minecraft. It will help you to move up and down fast and easily. Also, you can make it any higher you want.

What do you need to build a water elevator in minecraft

  • 1 water bucket
  • 1 soul sand,
  • 1 magma block
  • any building blocks (amount depends on your elevators height)
  • kelp
  • 4 sign

let’s talk about how to find these ingredients. You can get a water bucket by filling water into an iron bucket. To craft an iron bucket you need 3 iron bars. You can craft it at a crafting table.

To get soul sand you should go to the nether. Also, you can find magma blocks from there.
To find kelp you can go to the ocean. You can also find magma blocks under the ocean.

Building the soul sand elevator in minecraft

Now it’s time to build a water elevator in minecraft. This elevator will help you to move upwards. You can call it a soul sand elevator. If you were looking about how to make a soul sand elevator move upwards, this is it.

First, you have to build a column using your building blocks. In this case, I use glass to build it. you can get glass by putting sand into a furnace.

You must surround a single block with only an open space going up. This picture will help you to understand it.

Then you must go to the top of your elevator and place water in your elevator. This will flow your water all the way down. Now you will see the water is flowing from the entrance.

To stop flowing water, you must build 2 blocks next to the entrance and place 2 signs on it as the picture shows.

Now in the middle of the column, you have to remove one block from the floor level and replace it with soul sand.

Now select kelp from your inventory and place them from soul sand to the top of your elevator in the middle column. You can’t place kelp until there is no water in the middle column. Make sure you place the kelp top to bottom correctly.

After placing the kelp at the top of your elevator, you must go to the bottom and break the kelp from the bottom. Now you will see there are bubbles are moving upwards in the water. It means you did it correctly and now you can go into the water and try your elevator.

Now you have built an elevator to go upwards. Let’s build an elevator to go downwards. You can call it a magma block elevator. To do this you need to repeat the design of the elevator that you have built to go upwards. This picture will help you to understand it.

When you are making an elevator to go downwards you must place kelp before removing your floor level. Because in this elevator you have to replace magma blocks at the bottom of the middle column you can’t place kelp on it. So place kelp from floor level to top of your elevator and break it.

Now you can remove the floor level block of the middle column and replace it with a magma block. Now you can use this to reach the top to bottom.

Now you can decorate your elevator by placing signs or magenta glazed terracotta blocks. It will help anyone to recognize which elevator goes up and which elevator goes down.

Also, there is another design you can try. You can understand it from this picture.

Using both this magma block elevator and soul sand elevator you will able to move upwards and downwards easily. You can also use it to go to any floor in your Minecraft house.

There are also other elevators that you can try in Minecraft. They are piston elevators, slime block elevators, minecart elevators, command block elevators, and scaffloading.
I think now you have understood how to build a water elevator in Minecraft.

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