removing dirt walls using bombs

how to break dirt walls in terraria

If you don’t know how to break dirt walls in terraria, this article will help you to understand it.

You can use a hammer to remove walls in terraria. The first and the easiest hammer that you can make is a wooden hammer. To make a wooden hammer you need 8 wood. You can craft it at a work bench. You can easily find wood by chopping down trees using your axe.

When you have a hammer all you need to do is go near to a wall and remove it using your hammer.
But sometimes you can’t break dirt walls and grass walls. The reason for this is you can’t remove these kinds of walls from the middle of the wall. You need to find the edge of the wall and then you need to start breaking it.

How to break and place walls faster in terraria

Now you may be thinking it takes a lot of time to do it. There is an option in terraria called smart cursor. You can use it to break walls faster and you can also use it to place them too. Only you have to do is press left control and then you will see a yellow colored square on the screen.

You can see it on walls that ready to remove. So you can remove walls by left-clicking while you are selecting the hammer.

There is another way to break dirt walls in terraria faster. To do this method you don’t need a hammer. But you will need some blocks and sticky bombs. You can buy bombs from the demolitionist NPC or you can them from underground.

You can craft sticky bombs when you have gel and bombs. It doesn’t require any crafting station.
First, go near to the wall that you want to remove. Then place some blocks on the wall. In this case, I’m using dirt blocks. This picture will help you to understand it.

After placing blocks on the wall you must put sticky bombs on the blocks and remember you can’t remove natural walls from the middle, you must start to break them from the edge. This is the picture that I removed walls using bombs.

How to replace walls in terraria

When you want to change your base walls what do you do? Do you remove it and replace it? You don’t need to do that. You can easily select the wall that you want to replace from your inventory and then you can just replace it without removing your current wall. You don’t need to hammer it.

Why you can’t break dirt walls in terraria

You can’t break natural walls such as grass and dirt wall from the middle of the wall. You must start to remove it from the edge. That means you need to start it from an open space.

But you can remove walls that manually placed by you. I think now you have understood about how to removes and break dirt walls in terraria.

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