metal detector in terraria

How easily find the metal detector in terraria – Easy guide

Do you want to find the metal detector in terraria? So here is an easy way to do it step-by-step. The metal detector is an item dropped by a rare enemy called the nymph. Nymph is very hard to find usually but there is an easy way to find it.

You can use the metal detector to find valuable ores and to craft goblin tech. You need goblin tech to craft PDA. I also use it to find titanium ore in hardmode because it is very rare. The metal detector in terraria will show you what is the most valuable ore nearby on the lower right on the screen. but it won’t show a direction for you to where to find it. It will show up around that area until you mine it or loot it.

So as I said to get the metal detector in terraria you need to find and kill the nymph (the lost girl). So you need some items before you get started.

Collect some potions

As the first step, you need to collect hunter potion, swiftness potion, mining potion, and battle potion. I recommend you to get at least 2 of these potions to do this.

To craft hunter potion, you need bottled water, 1 daybloom, 1 shark fin, and 1 blinkroot. When you have all these ingredients you can craft a hunter potion at the placed bottle.

To craft a swiftness potion, you need 1 bottled water, a blinkroot, and 1 cactus. Then craft all the ingredients at the placed bottle.

To craft a battle potion, you need 1 bottled water, 1 deathweed, and 1 vertebra or 1 rotten chunk.
To craft a mining potion, you need 1 bottled water, 1 antlion mandible, and 1 blinkroot.

If you are wondering about how to find an antlion mandible, the antlion mandible is dropped by antlions. You can find them in the desert during the day time. You can easily recognize them because they are sticking out their head from the ground.

Finding the nymph to get the metal detector in terraria

Now you have to create a new word and you must create it small and it needs to be master mode. You need to create this word as master mode because there is a 100% drop chance for the metal detector from a nymph in master mode. So select both of them and create your new world.

Now you have to find the snow biome because nymph has a higher spawn rate in the snow biome. If you have a lifeform analyzer it will be more effective when you are using hunter potion because it displays the name of rare creatures nearby you. You can buy it from the traveling merchant NPC.

Once you find the snow biome, use your all potions and start mining. You will able to detect your enemies easily because you have used the hunter potion and it also helps you to detect the nymph (the lost girl).
Now I think you know how to get the metal detector in terraria and I will bring more guides like this.

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