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Finding Hay in terraria and Terraria Target Dummy Guide

This article is about how to find hey in terraria and what can you do using hay. So I created this article using my experience in terraria. I think this will help you to get some helpful tips when you play terraria.

How to find hay in terraria?

You can get the hay in terraria from the grass of any biome using a sickle. You can easily buy a sickle from your Merchant NPC for 57 silver coins.

terraria hay

After you buy a sickle go near for grass and press your left mouse button to get hay from the grass.

terraria hay

Also sickle has 9 melee damage. You can use it as a weapon if you just started to play a new game.

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What you can craft using hay in terraria?

There 2 things you can craft using hay in terraria. The first is a target dummy and the second is a hay wall. From here I think the target dummy is very useful because you can see how much damage you can deal with your enemies from your weapons from target dummies.

How to make a target dummy in terraria?

terraria target dummy

To craft a target dummy you need 50 hay and 20 wood at a sawmill. You can craft a sawmill by using 10 wood, 2 iron bars, and a chain at a workbench.

How to use a target dummy in terraria?

So now I’m going to tell you how to can use a target dummy. First, you must make an area to place a target dummy. Then get one of your best melee weapons and hit the target dummy. Now you will see how much damage you can deal with your enemies using your weapon.

To make this more useful you can use a stopwatch that will display the damage per second. This will be a great solution if you are struggling to find out what is the best weapon you can use to defeat enemies.

terraria target dummy

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