terraria muramasa world seed

Easiest way to find terraria muramasa – World seed

This article is about how to find terraria Muramasa. I can guarantee that you will find terraria Muramasa after reading this article. You can find terraria muramasa in pre-hardmode. Muramasa is one of the ingredients to craft the zenith.

There is only one way to find a Muramasa in terraria. You can find Muramasa in golden locked chests in the dungeon. You can’t enter the dungeon in terraria if you haven’t beat the skeletron boss. So make sure to have the suitable loadouts to beat the skeletron boss and beat him at night time.

After beating the skeletron you will be able to enter the dungeon. As I said you will only be able to find the terraria Muramasa in a golden locked chest.

So you need a golden key to unlock a golden locked chest. You can find a golden key easily from normal chests in the dungeon. Also, you can find golden keys by breaking pots, beating dungeon enemies, and beating dungeon slimes.

Cool tip to find golden keys fast

If you can’t find golden keys to open golden chests take the best weapon you have and kill enemies in the dungeon. You can find the golden keys of your kill dungeon slimes.

According to my experience, you will easily find golden keys after beating a few enemies. So don’t worry too much about it.

So if you are bored to find the terraria Muramasa by searching all over the dungeon you can use this world seed to find it easily.

Terraria muramasa world seed

So as I said you will find terraria Muramasa after reading this article. Here is how, Now I’m going to give you a world seed and coordinates that you will easily find terraria Muramasa.

This world is a small corrupt world, If you don’t have a depth meter and a compass to follow the coordinates you can use the step-by-step guide that I have given below.

World seed:

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Coordinates: 2624’ West, 648’ Caverns

  • Select your game character and make a new world using this seed (
  • Now after you created your world it will look like this.
terraria muramasa world seed
  • Now go to the left side of the map until you find the dungeon
terraria muramasa world seed
  • Then wait until night to summon the skeletron. (so if you still have a pre-hardmode character I recommend you to make a small arena nest to the dungeon for the boss fight)
terraria muramasa
  • After beating the skeletron follow the path to find the golden chest as the map
  • In this golden locked chest, you will find the Muramasa 

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