terraria magic mirror world seed

Easiest Way to Find Terraria Magic Mirror – World Seed

Is it hard to find terraria magic mirror in your world? I can guarantee you will find it after reading this article.

You need a magic mirror to teleport to your spawn point right? Or you may need it to craft the terraria cellphone. You can usually find magic mirrors from underground and cavern chests.

Also, you can use ice mirrors which you can find from chests in the underground and cavern layers in the ice biome.

There is also a potion you can use to teleport home; it is a recall potion that you can find from chests and it is faster than the magic mirror and the ice mirror.

But Terraria players are like to use the magic mirror because it can use infinite times.

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Terraria Magic mirror world seed

Now I’m going to give you a seed that I played terraria and coordinates to the chest of the magic mirror. If you have a DPS meter and a depth meter you will easily find it by the coordinates.

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But if you don’t have them both, you can follow the instruction as the pictures.

terraria Magic mirror world seed:

(The world is in expert mode but you can change it to normal mode when you are creating a new world)

Coordinates: 4374 east, 58 underground

Follow these instructions if you have a new character

  • Start a new world using your current character
  • Copy and paste the world seed
  • After you started your world will look like this.
terraria magic mirror world seed
  • Then go to the shown location of the picture
terraria magic mirror world seed
  • In this chest, you will find a magic mirror

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