terraria lucky horseshoe world seed

Easiest Way to Find Terraria Lucky Horseshoe – World Seed

Do you have a new character in terraria and die a lot of times after falling from heights? Then you should use a lucky horseshoe. If you are looking for a terraria lucky horseshoe, this article will help you to find it. Also, I can guarantee that you will find it after reading this article.

You can craft horseshoe balloons and obsidian horseshoe balloons using lucky horseshoes. There are two ways to find a lucky horseshoe in terraria. The first way is by fishing and the second way is from skyware and underground/cavern chests.

To obtain a terraria lucky horseshoe from the first way you must get azure crates or sky crates from fishing. You can find these crates by fishing on the sky lakes. You will find azure crates in hardmode. There is a 25% chance to get a lucky horseshoe from these crates.

Don’t forget to use a crate potion and a fishing potion before you fishing. It will increase the chance to have a crate from fishing.

As I said the second way to obtain terraria lucky horseshoe is by skyware chests and underground/ cavern golden chests. There is a 33% chance to have a lucky horseshoe from a skyware chest. Skyware chests can be found on floating islands. You can reach them easily by using a gravity potion.

According to my experience, I usually find terraria lucky horseshoes from skyware chests. So I think if you are trying to find a Lucky horseshoe, the second method will be the better option to try.

So if you are bored to search a terraria lucky horseshoe, you can use the seed that I have given in this article below.

Terraria Lucky Horseshoe World Seed

So as I said you will find a terraria lucky horseshoe after reading this article. Here is how, Now I’m going to give you a world seed and coordinates that you will easily find terraria lucky horseshoe.

This is a medium corruption world, in this seed you will be able to find a lucky horseshoe easily in a chest at forest biome. So you don’t need to bother about going to floating islands.

Also if you don’t have a depth meter and a DPS meter, you can follow the step-by-step guide as the pictures.

World seed:

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Coordinates: 3574’ East, 674’ Caverns

  • Open new world using the world seed (
  • Now your world will look like this
how to find terraria aglet
  • Go to the right side of the world and find the jungle biome
  • Go to the location as the picture
terraria lucky horseshoe
terraria lucky horseshoe

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