Terraria Fledgling Wings

Easiest Way to Get Terraria Fledgling Wings on Pre-Hardmode – World seed

If you are looking for the easiest way to get wings in terraria pre-hardmode,(Terraria Fledgling Wings) this article will help you to definitely find it.

When you are in terraria pre-hardmode you will have problems like falling from heights and can’t fly.

So you won’t face this problem after you are equipped with some pair of wings (You can stop taking fall damage by equipping Lucky horseshoe).

But you can find the only pre-hardmode wings (Fledgling wings) easily by reading this article.
You can fly up to 18 tiles using these wings.

Also, you will have these wings at the start of journey mode. There are two ways to find terraria fledgling wings. The first way is from skyware chests and the second way is by fishing.

If you don’t know how to find skyware chests, you can find them from floating islands in the sky. You can’t easily reach floating islands in the early game.

So you must use a gravity potion to go to the sky and then reach all the floating islands and look inside of skyware chests until you find fledgling wings.

If you are going to find terraria fledging wings by fishing you must get sky crates and azure crates from fishing. You can only get these two crates by fishing on floating islands.

Make sure to take a better fishing pole and use crate potion and fishing potion before you start fishing. It will help you to catch more crates.

Also, remember there is a rare chance to find terraria fledgling wings from fishing.

Terraria Fledgling Wings world seed

As I said you will find terraria fledgling wings after reading this article. Here is how Now I’m going to give you a world seed and coordinates that you will easily find these terraria pre-hardmode wings.

Also if you don’t have a DPS meter and a depth meter you can follow the step-by-step guide because you can’t follow coordinates without these two items.

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment if this seed is not working.

Terraria Fledgling Wings world seed:

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Coordinates: 4642’ East, 582’ Surface

  • First, you must start a new world with your character using this seed (

  • Then go right until you find this place in the jungle biome (4543’ East, 172’ Surface).
Terraria Fledgling Wings
  • Now make a vertical line using blocks until you reach the floating island
Terraria Fledgling Wings world seed
  • After reaching the floating island you will find fledgling wings in a skyware chest.
Terraria Fledgling Wings

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