terraria enchanted sword shrine

Easiest Way to Find Terraria Enchanted Sword – World Seed

This article is about how to find terraria enchanted sword. I can guarantee that you will defiantly find terraria enchanted sword after reading this article.

Terraria enchanted sword is a great weapon in the early game. Also, it is one of the ingredients to craft the zenith.

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There are 3 ways to find an enchanted sword in terraria.

The most popular and the easiest way to obtain it is by finding an enchanted sword shrine. If you find an enchanted sword shrine, you will be able to have it.

terraria enchanted sword shrine
Enchanted Sword Shrine In terraria

The second way is to have it by destroying enchanted sword stones. Sometimes you will be able to find them in the underground. Also, you will find junk sword stones too.

The third way to obtain an enchanted sword is by fishing. Yes, it is true. You can find it from golden crates or titanium crates.

But I think that is not a good idea because there is only a 2% chance to have an enchanted sword from these crates.

If you are into finding it from fishing you better use crate potion, fishing potion, and a sonar potion. So you will be able to fish fast crates.

Cool tip to find enchanted sword shrines

If you are struggling to find enchanted sword shrines you can use a bow and jesters arrows to find them easily. Usually, small worlds will have 1 shrine, the medium has 3 shrines and large worlds have 4 shrines.

You can craft jesters arrows with falling stars and normal arrows. After crafting them use them to view the ground. This picture will help you to understand.

Terraria enchanted sword finding tips

Also, you can use the solar eruption to do this. It will useful for a player who wants to craft the zenith.

Enchanted Sword Seed

I usually find this sword from enchanted shrines which is the first way that I mentioned in this article. As I said you will be able to find an enchanted sword after reading this article.

You can use this world seed to make a new world and follow the step-by-step guide below to find it.


Coordinates: 5434′ East, 98′ Surface

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  • Open terraria and open new world using this seed
  • The world will be a large corrupt world in normal mode.
  • Your world will look like this after you started
terraria enchanted sword world seed
  • Now go right side as the picture (east)
terraria new enchanted sword seed
  • Stop until you reach 3498’ east. If you don’t have a GPS or a cellphone to view your current position, this picture will help you to understand it.
terraria enchanted sword seed 2022
  • After you reach the place you can dig down a little bit and find the tunnel to the shrine.
terraria enchanted sword seed

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