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Easiest way to fill bottles with water in terraria

This article will show you how to fill bottles with water in terraria. You can use bottles of water to craft potions. Also if you can use it to increase your health by 20 points.

How to craft bottles in terraria

To craft bottles in terraria you need glass blocks. You can craft glass by using sand in a furnace. First, go to the desert biome and collect some sand blocks using your pickaxe. After collecting some sand blocks go to your furnace and craft glass blocks.

terraria crafting a bottle

After crafting glass blocks you can make bottles at a furnace.

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How to make potions in terraria

To make potions in terrain you need a bottle and a table. Then after you have all the ingredients to craft a potion (ex- for ironskin potion you need 1daybloom, 1 bottled water, and an iron/lead ore) go to the bottle and table and craft it from the crafting menu.

terraria potions

You can make the bottle and table crafting station by placing an empty bottle at a table or a workbench.

How to fill bottles with water in terraria

After you craft bottles you must fill them with water to make potions. To fill bottles with water you must go to a lake or someplace that has water for at least 3 blocks up. Now open the crafting menu by pressing ESC and you will see how you can craft bottled water.

fill bottles with water in terraria

How to see which potions can you craft in terraria

To see the recipes of potions you can craft in terraria. Get bottle of water and take it to the guide. Then you will see all the potions you can craft in terraria with recipes.

terraria potions

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