terraria shark tooth necklace

Everything about Terraria shark tooth necklace

Terraria shark tooth necklace is an item that increases armor penetration by 5. That means if you equipped your shark tooth necklace, your enemy’s defense will lower by 5. The shark tooth necklace is very helpful in pre-hardmode because it is very useful during the boss battels like skeletron. You can sell this item for 1 gold coin.

Weapons like minishark which has a high fire rate will be more effective for enemies while you are equipping a shark tooth necklace. You can buy a minishark from the arms dealer NPC for 35 gold coins.

Also, this is not a very rare item in terraria. Now I will show you how to get it.

How to get a terraria shark tooth necklace?

The shark tooth necklace is dropped by 2 enemies called blood zombie and dripper. These two enemies will spawn only during the blood moon event and there is a 0.67% chance they drop shark tooth necklace. The blood moon event will randomly start at night when your player has at least 120 health.

After the blood moon has begun all you have to do is kill every enemy that you can see and you will able to get at least one shark tooth necklace. That is what I did when I was new to play terraria. I didn’t know which enemy is dropping the shark tooth necklace. But I get it by doing this.

If you want more than 1 terraria shark tooth necklace you can increase the spawn rate of the enemies during the blood moon by using a battle potion or a water candle.

What you can craft using a shark tooth necklace?

There is 1 item you can craft using the shark tooth necklace. It is the stinger necklace. Stinger necklace is also increasing armor penetration and also it releases bees when your player gets attacked by enemies.

A Stinger necklace is a rare item. To craft it you need a shark tooth necklace and a honey comb. Also, you need a tinkerer’s workshop as the crafting station.

You can get a honey comb by beating the queen bee. It has a 33% chance to drop it. Also, you can lower the enemy’s defense by 10 if you have an extra shark tooth necklace. You can equip it while you are equipping the stinger necklace. So it will be more effective for enemies.

Why you can’t craft a stinger necklace?

If you can’t craft a stinger necklace when you have all the ingredients, make sure you are trying to craft it at a tinkerer’s workshop. You can buy it from the goblin tinkerer town NPC.

Also, you need to make sure you have at least terraria update. If you have an older version than that, you won’t be able to craft it. You can check your current game version at the game menu.

I think now have understood about terraria shark tooth necklace.

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