titanium in terraria

An EASY method to find titanium in terraria 1.4

In this guide, I will show you an easy way to find titanium ore in terraria. Also, you can use this method to find Adamantite Ore because both are the same and you will get only one type of these for your world. Titanium is a hardmode ore and it will spawn in your world after you break a demon altar using the pwnhammer or more powerful hammer than it. You can get pwnhammer by beating the wall of flesh.

Most terraria players need titanium because they want to craft titanium pickaxe or titanium drill. You will also need it, to mine chlorophyte ore. Also, you can use titanium to craft forbidden masks, forbidden robes, forbidden treads, titanium headgear, helmets, leggings, and mask (titanium armor), etc.

To mine titanium ore, you will need a Mythril or orichalcum drill which is crafted using Mythril or orichalcum bars at Mythril anvil. To make titanium bars using the ores you need a titanium forge.

To craft it you will need 30 titanium ore and a hellforge. When you have the ingredients you can craft it at Mythril or orichalcum anvil. You can get a hellforge from the underworld houses by removing them using your pickaxe.

You can find titanium ore mostly at 2030 feet which is the level that lava begins to appearing when you are mining.

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How to easily find titanium in terraria

To find titanium in terraria you will need some items that will help you to find titanium ore fast. I also used this method to find titanium in terraria.

You may have noticed that this ore is rare than the other ores. So before you start you will need a metal detector, Mythril drill or pickaxe, spelunker potion. That’s all you need to start this. You can get the metal detector by killing a nymph and I also wrote an article about an easy way to get it.

To craft a spelunker potion, you need bottled water, a bllinkroot, a moonglow, and gold or platinum ore. Once you have all the ingredients you can craft a spelunker potion at the placed bottle (a bottle place on a table or any place). I suggest you craft at least 5 potions because you will need more than 1 potion to find titanium ore.

When you have these 3 items, you can move to the next step. Now you need to go to the underground using the way you use to go to the underworld. When you are going down on that way will see your metal detector is detecting valuable items near you. When it recognizes you are near to titanium, It will show you under your mini-map like “Titanium detected nearby!”.

When you see it, you need to stop going down and use your spelunker potion. After using it, you will see all the ores nearby you on the screen. If you still can’t see it mine horizontally and look more around that area. After you mine all of it your metal detector will show you a different item. If it’s not there is still more titanium around your area.

After you go to the underworld, move left to right or right to the left side using the bridge that you use to beat the wall of flesh. Your metal detector will recognize more titanium ore when you are moving. This way will help you to collect a lot of titanium in terraria.

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