how to move villagers fast in minecraft

Easiest Ways to Move Villagers Fast in Minecraft

Are you looking for an easy way to move Minecraft villagers to your base or any place? Then you are in the right place. This article will show you how to move Minecraft villagers easily without spending a lot of time than the normal way.

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Normally Minecraft players are moving villagers using boats. When you are using boats to move villagers in Minecraft only you have to do is put your villager into the boat and ride it.

But there are advantages and disadvantages when you are using a boat to move a villager such as you can move fast on the water, you can’t move up and move fast.

Sometimes Minecraft players get bored when they are moving villagers using a boat because boats are slow on the ground.

This problem mostly has for the Minecraft java edition players because in the Minecraft bedrock version you can add lead to drag the boat.

What can you do to move villagers fast in Minecraft?

There are several ways to do this without using a boat. Also, remember you must use a boat when you have to move your villager across the water because as I said boats are faster on the water.
So this is about how to move Minecraft villagers fast on the ground. You can try these methods even you have started a new game.

1 Method

  • To do this method first go to a village and find a villager that doesn’t have a job

  • Then find an item that you can give a job to the villager (in this case I’m using a composter)
How to move villager fast in minecraft
  • Now place the composter a little bit far

  • Now your villager will see the composter and come near for it to get a job
how to move villagers fast in minecraft
  • When the villager reaches the composter remove it immediately and place it again a little bit far.
move villager fast in minecraft
  • Now repeat this to move the villager to the base

2 Method

  • Go to a village and remove all beds and add all of them to your inventory and wait until night

  • Now place a bed little bit far from the villagers

  • Now your villager will try to reach the bed to sleep

  • When they reach the bed remove it immediately

  • Repeat this method to move more than 1 villager in Minecraft and remember moving villagers in the night time is also dangerous.

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