terraria lava charm world seed

Easiest Way to Get Terraria Lava Charm – Lava charm world seed

Are you looking for an easy way to obtain terraria Lava charm? Well, you are in the right place this article will help you to get a lava charm in terraria and you will have a terraria lava charm after reading this article.

Lava charm will provide 7 seconds of immunity to lava when it is equipped. Mostly terraria players need this lava charm to make the lava waders and make terraspark boots with it.

There are 2 ways to find this lava charm in terraria. The first way to obtain it is by fishing in lava. When you are fishing in lava you will find hellstone crates and obsidian crates.

You can obtain lava charm from these two crates. There is a 5% chance to have it from these crates.

 The 2nd way to obtain lava charm is from the chests in the cavern lava layer. The Cavern layer is the largest in terraria. If you have a depth meter it will be easy to recognize the cavern layer.

To me the easiest way to find terraria lava charm is fishing. So if you are choosing fishing to find it, take buff potions like crate potion, fishing potion, and sonar potion.

I usually take 3 potions from each and fish in lava until I get at least 6 hellstone crates. It will be better if you can catch at least 10 hellstone crates. Then look in the crates after fishing.

This way you will obtain it very fast.

Terraria lava charm world seed

As I said you will find terraria lava charm after reading this article. So now I’m going to give you world seed and coordinates to find a chest with a lava charm.

So you will be able to easily find it. But if you don’t have a depth meter and a compass you won’t be able to follow the coordinates.

So use this step-by-step guide if you have a new character.

Terraria lava charm world seed:

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Coordinates: 202 east, 1206 cavrens

  • Go and open terraria and make a new world using this seed ( with your current character.
  • Now your world will look like this
terraria lava charm world seed
  • Reach here. This picture will help you to understand
terraria lava charm seed
  • Make sure you have a better pickaxe or bombs because now you have to go deep.
terraria lava charm seed
  • Go down until you found a golden chest
terraria lava charm world seed
  • After you find it make sure to remove all the traps before opening it.
  • Now open it and get the lava charm

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