Terraria Truffle worm farm

Easiest Way to Find Terraria Truffle Worms Fast

This article is about the Easiest way to find truffle worms in terraria. After beating plantera and goblin the next boss you have to beat is duke fishron. You can also beat duke fishron before plantera but it’s very difficult.
Truffle worm is a hardmode bait that use to summon the duke fishron. They have 666% bait power and they are very rare. So using this method you can catch truffle worms easily.

Where to find terraria truffle worms

You can find them in the mushroom biome after you enter the hardmode. You can use a bug net to catch them.

How to easily catch terraria truffle worms

Now I’m going to show you how to build a truffle worm farm to easily catch them.
First, go to your mushroom biome and make a house to move your Dryad NPC
Then after moving the dryad NPC to the mushroom biome buy mushroom seeds from him. Also, make sure to have 1 full stack of mud blocks. You can find a lot of mud blocks from the jungle biome.

Now using sticky bombs destroy a large area of your mushroom biome.

Now make platforms like this using the mud blocks and place your mushroom seeds.

terraria truffle worms mushroom biome

Make sure you build your truffle worm farm like this.

Terraria Truffle worm farm

Now make a little pit on the bottom. This will be the place your truffle worms fall.

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