terraria mushroom seed

Easiest Way to Find Terraria Mushroom Seeds

Are you bored finding terraria glowing mushroom seeds in the mushroom biome? Do you want to find a lot of mushroom seeds easily? Then this article is for you. This article is about how to find terraria mushroom seeds.

Why do you need terraria mushroom seeds?

You need terraria mushroom seeds to grow mushroom grass. The main purpose of growing glowing mushroom grass in terraria is to get the truffle NPC by making a mini glowing mushroom biome.
Also, you can use terraria mushroom seeds to make a truffle worm farm.

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How to get terraria glowing mushroom seeds?

There 2 ways to get glowing mushroom seeds in terraria.

The first way is destroying glowing mushrooms in the mushroom biome.

terraria glowing mushroom seed

From this way, you will be able to find some glowing mushroom seeds but if you want a lot of mushroom seeds you can try the second way.

The second way to find glowing mushrooms seeds is by buying mushroom seeds from an NPC. There is only one NPC that sells mushroom seeds in terraria, that is dryad.

terraria mushroom seed

Dryad NPC will arrive after you beat the eye of Cthulhu, the brain of Cthulhu, skeletron, or lepus.

After dryad NPC arrived, you must build a suitable house for him in the mushroom biome.
Now if you view his shop items you will see dryad is selling mushroom seeds.

He won’t sell mushrooms seeds until you move him to the glowing mushroom biome. You can buy 1 mushroom seed for 1 silver and 42 copper. If you don’t have enough money try to farm some bosses.

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How to get the Truffle NPC in terraria?

To get the Truffle NPC in terraria you must make a mushroom biome on the surface level. You can do it by placing at least 100 blocks of glowing mushroom grass on the surface.

According to my experience in terraria, I usually build mushroom biomes on floating islands.

terraria mushroom seed

How to grow terraria glowing mushroom seeds?

You can build glowing mushroom seeds only on mud blocks, you can easily find mud blocks from the jungle biome.

terraria mushroom seed

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