how to find terraria aglet

Easiest way to find terraria Aglet (World seed to find aglet)

This article is about how to find terraria aglet. I can guarantee that you will defiantly get an aglet after reading this. Aglet will increase the player’s movement speed by 5% when you equipped it.

But the point is every terraria player needs to get an aglet because they want to craft lightning boots which increase the player’s base speed to 15kmph-16kmph. (to craft lightning boots you need spectre boots, an anklet of the wind, and an aglet).

Usually, there are two ways to find a terraria aglet. The first is from wooden chests and the second is from fishing (wooden crates and pearlwood crates).

Let’s talk about the first way. This is the way that most terraria players found the aglet. Maybe you looked in every single wooden chest in your world and you didn’t found it. I know, in some worlds it is very hard to find it. But in some worlds, it can be obtained easily. So make sure you checked everywhere on the surface, every biome.

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As I mentioned before, the second way is fishing. Not only fishing you need to get a wooden crate or a pearwood crate by fishing. Now you may be thinking it is not very hard to get a wooden crate or a pearlwood crate.

That is correct but getting an aglet from a crate is a very rare thing. There is a 0.44% chance you will find an aglet from those two crates. I know you never gonna do it this way, but you can try if you want.

So I mention to you that I can guarantee you will find an aglet after reading this. Here is how Now I going to give you a seed of a world that I easily found an aglet. You can use this to make a new world and find it if you follow these steps.

Terraria aglet world seed:

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Please let me know in the comments if this seed is not working. Then I will update it.

How to find terraria aglet using world seed

  1. First copy this seed to your clipboard (
  2. Now open terraria and start a new world by pasting this code to seeds.
  3. Now your world will look like this.

Now go to the right side until you find the jungle biome

After you reach the jungle biome, you will find a crate in this place. This picture will help you to understand it.

Now you know what to do. Inside this crate, you will find an aglet.

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