terraria starfury world seed

Easiest Way to Find Terraria starfury – World Seed

If you are looking for an easy way to find terraria starfury this article will help you to find it and I can guarantee you will defiantly find terraria starfury after reading this article.

Terraria starfury is a great weapon to fight with enemies in the early game. You can obtain this weapon at any time even you just started a new game with a new character.

Also, terraria starfury is one of the main items that need to craft the terraria zenith.

There are 2 ways to find terraria starfury. The first way is from skyware chests and the second way is by fishing.

Mostly I use the first way to find starfury in terraria because I can easily get it in the early game. But in some worlds, I didn’t find it in skyware chests so I found it by fishing.

Like the first way, you can find starfury in terraria from skyware chests. You can find skyware chests on floating islands in the sky.

If you don’t have enough equipment to find a floating island, use a gravity potion to find floating islands. There is a 33% chance to find a starfury from a skyware chest in terraria.

You can try the second way if you didn’t find a starfury from the first way. As the second way, you can find terraria starfury by catching azure crates and sky crates.

You can find these crates by fishing at a sky lake. Use enchanted nightcrawlers, crate potion, fishing potion, and a good fishing pole for fishing to find more crates when fishing.

There is a 25% chance for you to find a starfury from both these crates.

So if you are bored to find starfury from these methods you can use the seed I have given.

Terraria starfury world seed

So as I said you will definitely find terraria starfury after reading this article. Here is how now I will give you a world seed and coordinates to easily find starfury in terraria.

This is a medium-corruption world. You can find starfury in a skyware chest.

If you don’t have a depth meter and a DPS meter to follow the coordinates you can use the step-by-step guide, I have given below.

Terraria starfury world seed:

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Coordinates: 649′ East, 580′ Surface

  • start a new world with your current character using this seed (
  • Now go to this place 511′ East, 290′ Surface
terraria starfury world seed
  • build a vertical line using blocks until you find a floating island
terraria starfury world seed
  • Find the skyware chest
terraria starfury world seed
  • You will find a starfury in skyware chest

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