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Cool Things About Terraria Pickaxes

This article is about terraria pickaxes. This guide will show you the correct order to use pickaxes and how to obtain them in terraria. So the main purpose of having a pickaxe in terraria is mining. There are not only pickaxes you can have drills as well when you entered the hardmode.

How many pickaxes are in terraria?

There are 31 different types of pickaxes in terraria. 16 of them belong to pre-hardmode and 15 of them belong to hardmode.

Terraria Pickaxe Order

  1. Copper Pickaxe
  2. Cactus Pickaxe
  3. Tin Pickaxe
  4. Iron Pickaxe
  5. Lead Pickaxe
  6. Silver pickaxe
  7. Tungsten Pickaxe
  8. Gold Pickaxe
  9. Bone Pickaxe
  10. Fossil Pickaxe
  11. Candy Cane Pickaxe
  12. Platinum Pickaxe
  13. Reaver Shark
  14. Nightmare Pickaxe
  15. Deathbringer Pickaxe
  16. Molten Pickaxe
  17. Cobalt Pickaxe
  18. Palladium pickaxe
  19. Mythril Pickaxe
  20. Orichalcum Pickaxe
  21. Adamantite Pickaxe
  22. Titanium Pickaxe
  23. Spectre Pickaxe
  24. Chlorophyte Pickaxe
  25. Pickaxe Axe
  26. Shroomite Digging Claw
  27. Picksaw
  28. Vortex Pickaxe
  29. Nebula Pickaxe
  30. Solar Flare Pickaxe
  31. Stardust Pickaxe

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The most popular terraria pickaxe order

  1. Copper Pickaxe
  2. Cactus Pickaxe/ Tin Pickaxe
  3. Lead/Iron Pickaxe
  4. Silver/Tungsten Pickaxe
  5. Gold/Platinum Pickaxe
  6. Deathbringer/Nightmare Pickaxe
  7. Molten Pickaxe
  8. Cobalt/Palladium Pickaxe
  9. Mythril/Orichalcum Pickaxe
  10. Titanium/Adamantite Pickaxe
  11. Pickaxe axe
  12. Picksaw
  13. Vortex/Nebula/Stardust/Solar Flare Pickaxe

Can you get all the terraria pickaxes from playing a single world?

So here are the all pickaxes that you can find in terraria. But terraria players can’t use all of these 31 pickaxes in one world.

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There are many reasons for this. The main reason for this is you don’t get all the ores in a single world. If your world has ores like copper, iron, tungsten, and platinum in pre-hardmode you won’t get tin, lead, silver, and gold ores.

If this is confusing you this will hope you understand it better.

Equal terraria ores in order

Copper ore = Tin ore
Iron ore = Lead ore
Tungsten ore = Silver ore
Platinum ore = Gold ore
Demonite ore = Crimtane ore
Cobalt ore = Palladium ore
Mythril ore = Orichalcum ore
Titanium ore = Adamantite ore

But the power of pick axes that you can craft is not equal.

Example– The best terraria pickaxe that you can craft among gold and platinum ores is the platinum pickaxe. Also, the Tin pickaxe is better than the copper pickaxe but if you don’t have tin ore in your world you can use a lead pickaxe or an iron pickaxe.

What is the best pickaxe in terraria pre-hardmode?

The best pickaxe in terraria pre-hardmode is molten pickaxe. Molten pickaxe has 100% pickaxe power and 18 mining speed.

terraria pickaxes

You can craft a molten pickaxe using 10 hellstone bars at an iron or a lead anvil. Also, you can’t mine hellstone if you don’t have a nightmare pickaxe or a Deathbringer pickaxe.

You can get a Deathbringer pickaxe if you have a crimson world and you can get a nightmare pickaxe if you have a corruption pickaxe.

What is the best pickaxe in terraria hardmode (Pre-moonloard)?

The best pickaxe that you can use in terraria hardmode is Picksaw.

terraria pickaxes

This pickaxe is not a craftable pickaxe. You can obtain this pickaxe by defeating the gobbling. There is a 25% chance to drop this pickaxe when you beat the gobbling.

What is the best pickaxe in terraria?

There are the 4 best pickaxes in terraria. They are Vortex pickaxe, Nebula pickaxe, Solar Flare pickaxe, and Stardust pickaxe.

All of these 4 pickaxes have the same pickaxe power, damage, use time, knockback, and mining speed.

terraria pickaxes

To craft a vortex pickaxe you need 12 vortex fragments and 10 luminite bars. To craft a nebula pickaxe, you need 12 nebula fragments and 10 luminite bars.

To craft a solar flare pickaxe, you need 12 solar fragments and 10 luminite bars. To craft a stardust pickaxe you need 12 stardust fragments and 10 luminite bars.

You can use an ancient manipulator as the crafting station to craft all of these pickaxes.

What is the best pickaxe that I can get in terraria If I just started?

The best pickaxe that you can get in the early game is the Reaver shark pickaxe. Reaver shark pickaxe has 59% pickaxe power and you can mine demonite ore and crimtane ore.

But there is a very rare chance to obtain a reaver shark pickaxe. The only way to get a reaver shark pickaxe is by fishing in the ocean.

So I suggest you make a fisher of souls fishing pole and craft some enchanted nightcrawlers from worms as the bait to increase your fishing power

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According to my experience on terraria if you started a new game there will be a copper pickaxe in your inventory. So what you do first is go to the nearest desert and get some cactus to make a cactus pickaxe. It is better than copper and tin pickaxe.

From which pickaxe you can mine hellstone

If you are a PC player or a mobile player, you can mine hellstone from Deathbringer pickaxe or nightmare pickaxe. If you are a console player, old-gen console player, or a 3DS player you can use reaver shark too.

Are pickaxes better than dills in terraria?

If we measure the better item from the speed, drills are faster than pickaxes in some tires. But drills don’t have a mining range as pickaxes. I usually use a pickaxe when I play terraria because I’m comfortable using pickaxes than drills.

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