Terraria Calamity Mod Boss Order – Ultimate Guide

Are you struggling to find out the order that you have to beat terraria calamity boss order? This article will help you to find out the calamity boss order.

Playing terraria with mods is a great way to have a lot of fun. Among the terraria mods, the calamity mod is special because there are so many things you can do in this mod. In this mod, there are new bosses, new weapons, new enemies, etc.

When you are started to play calamity mod, you may have beaten king slime and the Eye of Cthulhu. But there is an order to take boss fights when you are playing terraria. If you do it to the order, you will able to beat bosses without taking too much effort.

In this article, I will give you the order that you have to beat bosses in terraria calamity mod and I’m hoping to give a guide about how to summon all the bosses too. So here is the calamity mod boss order

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Calamity mod boss order: Pre-Hardmode

  1. King Slime
  2. Desert Scourge
  3. Eye of Cthulhu
  4. Crabulon
  5. Brain of Cthulhu
  6. Hive Mind
  7. The Perforators
  8. Queen Bee
  9. Skeletron
  10. Slime God
  11. Wall of Flesh

Calamity mod boss order: Hardmode

  1. Cryogen
  2. The Twins
  3. Aquatic Scourge
  4. The destroyer
  5. Brimstone Elemental
  6. Skeletron Prime
  7. Calamitias
  8. Plantera
  9. Leviathan
  10. Astrum Aureus
  11. Golem
  12. Plaguebringer Goliath
  13. Betsy
  14. Duke Fishron
  15. Ravager
  16. Lunatic Cultist
  17. Astrum Deus
  18. Moon Lord
  19. Profaned Guardians
  20. Dragonfolly
  21. Providence
  22. Ceaseless Void
  23. Strom Weaver
  24. Signus
  25. Polterghast
  26. Old Duke
  27. Devourer of Gods
  28. Yharon
  29. Supreme Calamitas

Bosses only in calamity mod except for terraria bosses

  1. Desert Scourge
  2. Crabulon
  3. Hive Mind
  4. The Perforators
  5. Slime God
  6. Cryogen
  7. Aquatic Scourge
  8. Brimstone Elemental
  9. Calamitas
  10. Leviathan
  11. Astrum Aureus
  12. Plaguebringer Goliath
  13. Ravanger
  14. Astrum Deus
  15. Profaned Guardians
  16. Dragonfolly
  17. Providence
  18. Ceaseless Void
  19. Strom Weaver
  20. Signus
  21. Polterghast
  22. Old Duke
  23. Devourer of Gods
  24. Yharon
  25. Superme Calamitas

Now you may be wondering why is the Betsy is not on this list. The reason is Betsy is not a calamity mod boss. It is a unique terraria boss. If you are don’t know who is Betsy, Betsy is spawning on the 7th wave which is the final wave of the old one’s army.  

How to Summon calamity mod bosses

Now you know the calamity mod boss order. Now let’s find out how to summon the calamity mod bosses. In this case, I will only give you the information about bosses only in calamity mod.

1. Desert Scourge

Calamity Mod Boss Order

To summon the desert Scourge in terraria calamity mod, you need a Desert Medallion. If you are wondering about how to craft a desert Medallion, you need 15 sand, 3 antlion mandible, 10 cactus, and a stormlion mandible. Once you have the all ingredients you can craft it at a crimson altar.

You can get both antlion and sandlion mandibles from antlions and stormlions. To summon the desert scourge you must use the Desert Madallion in the Desert biome.

2. Crabulon

To summon the crabulon you need a Decapodita Sprout. This is an easy item to craft. To craft this you need 25 glowing mushrooms. You may know there are a lot of mushrooms In the mushroom biome. So After you get 25 glowing mushrooms you can craft Decapodita Sprout at a crimson altar.

You can summon the Crabulon in the mushroom biome

3. Hive Mind

As the next boss in calamity mod boss order, you have to beat Hive Mind. To summon Hive mind you need a Teratoma or kill a Cyst in the corruption biome. You can craft a Teratoma using 9 rotten chunks, 5 True shadow scales, and 2 demonite bars at a crimson altar.

You can summon the Hive Mind in the corruption biome.

4. The Perforators

To summon The Perforators, you need bloody worm food or kill a cyst in the crimson biome. To craft a bloody worm you need 9 vertebrae, 5 blood samples, and 2 crimtane bars at a crimson altar.

5. Slime God

Slime God is the final boss before the wall of flesh on the calamity mod boss order. To summon The Slime God, you need an Overloaded Sludge.

You can craft an Overloaded sludge using 25 blighted gel and 25 evil blocks at a crimson altar.

6. Cryogen

Cryogen is the first hardmode boss in the calamity mod boss order. To summon the cryogen you need a cryo key. To craft a cryo key you need 50 ice blocks, 3 souls of light, 3 souls of night, and 5 essences of eleum at an anvil

You can summon The Cryogen in the Snow biome.

7. Aquatic Scourge

To summon the Aquatic Scourge you need Seafood. You can wait to spawn seafood in the sulphuric sea or craft it. You can craft seafood using 10 sulphurous sand, 5 starfish, and a shark fin at a Mythril Anvil

You can summon the aquatic scourage in the sulphuric sea.

8. Brimstone Elemental

To summon The Brimstone Elemental, you need a Charred Idol. You can craft it using 5 souls of night and 5 essences of chaos at a Mythril anvil. To summon The Brimstone Elemental, use the charred Idol in the brimstone crag.

10. Calamitas

You can summon The calamitas using the eye of desolation. You can make an eye of desolation using 10 hellstone bars, 7 essences of chaos, and 3 belighted lense at a Mythril anvil.

Once you have crafted the eye of desolation, you can summon the calamitas at night.

11. Leviathan

There is a different way to summon the Leviathan. There is no item to spawn this boss like the other bosses that I have mentioned before. Only you have to do is go to the ocean biome and kill an unknown entity. That is the only way to summon the leviathan.

12. Astrum Aureus

To summon the Astrum Aureus you need an Astral chunk. You can make an astral chunk by using 15 stardust and 10 fallen stars at a Mythril anvil.

Once you have an astral chunk you can summon the Astrum aureus by using it at night in the astral biome.

13. Plaguebringer Goliath

You need an abomination to summon the Plaguebringer Goliath. You can make an abomination by using 10 plague cell canisters, 5 any iron bars, 2 stingers, and 3 obsidian. You can use these items to craft an abomination at a Mythril anvil.

You can summon the Plaguebringer Goliath only in the jungle biome.

14. Ravanger

To summon The ravanger you need a death whistle. You can make a death whistle easily by using the items that you found in the jungle temple.

To make it you need 5 solar tablet fragments, 10 lizard brick at a Mythril anvil. There isn’t any specific area to summon this boss.

15. Astrum Deus

Astrum Deus is the final boss that you have to face before the moon lord in the calamity mod boss order. There are two ways to summon this boss. The first is, you can use a titan heart and the second is to use a star core.

Titan heart is not a craftable item. Titan heart is dropped by atlas. You can craft the starcore by using 25 stardust, 8 aureus cells, and 4 astral bars. You need an ancient manipulator as the crafting station. Once you have the starcore offer it to an astral beacon to summon The Astrum Deus.

16. Profaned Guardians

Profaned Guardians are the next boss fight that you have to take after the moon lord in calamity mod boss order. In this boss fight, there will be three bosses. To summon The 

Profaned Guardians you need a Profaned shared. You can craft a profane shard with 15 unholy essence and 3 luminite bars. You can use both these ingrediants at an ancient manipulator to craft it.

You must be in the hallow or the underworld biome to summon The Profaned Guardians using the profane shared.

17. Dragonfolly

As the next boss on the calamity boss order after the Profaned Guardians, you will have to face The Dragonfolly. To summon this boss, you need an exotic pheromones. You can craft it using 3 luminite bars and 5 solar fragments at an ancient manipulator.

When you have crafted the exotic pheromones use it in the jungle biome to summon The Dragonfolly.

18. Providence

To summon The Providence, you need a profaned core. There are two ways to obtain a profaned core. The first way is to obtain it is, killing profaned guardians.

The second way is by crafting. You can craft it using profaned core and 50 unholy essences at an ancient manipulator.

You can summon The Providence in the hollow biome or underworld biome.

19. Ceaseless Void

To summon this boss you need a rune of kos. You can craft it using 40 unholy essences, 5 solar fragments, 3 luminite bars at an ancient manipulator. Not like the other bosses, to summon this boss you need to use the rune of kos in the dungeon.

20. Strom Weaver

You can summon The Storm Weaver using a rune of kos. That is the same item that you have to use to summon the Ceaseless Void. But to summon The Storm Weaver, you must be in space.

21. Signus

Also to summon the signus you need a rune of kos. Use the rune of kos in the underworld to summon the singus.

22. Polterghast

There are two ways to summon The Polterghast. The first is crafting a Necroplasmic beacon. To craft a necroplasmic beacon you need 100 phantoplasm.

You can craft it at an ancient manipulator. Once you have a necroplasmic beacon use it in the dungeon to summon the boss.

The second way is to summon The polterghast is by killing 30 phantom spirits.

23. Old Duke

Old duke is the next boss fight that you have to face after the polterghast. You can summon the Old Duke by fishing in the sulphurous sea using a bait called bloodworm which has 4444% bait power or you can summon it by defeating the acid rain event after you beating the polterghast.

24. Devourer of Gods

The only item that you can use to summon the Devourer of Gods is a Cosmic worm. There are 2 recipes to craft this. First is 3 armored shells, a twisting nether, and a dark plasma. Second is 30 any iron bars 10 iluminite bars, 20 galactica singularity, 20 souls of night, 20 souls of light, and 30 phantoplasm.

Both of these recipes can be crafted by an ancient manipulator.

25. Yharon

You can use a dragon egg to summon the yharon in the jungle biome. You can craft a dragon egg using 15 effulgent feathers and 15 life alloys at an ancient manipulator.

26. Superme Calamitas

Superme Calamitas final boss in calamity mod boss order. To summon The Superme calamitas you can use an eye of extinction. You can craft an eye of extinction by using 5 auric tesla bars and an eye of desolation at a draedon’s forge.

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