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Best FREE Minecraft Inventory Editors

Minecraft is a very popular sandbox game among gamers. If you are new to play Minecraft you may have died few times and dropped your items at that place.

So sometimes you are unable to get your items back because you died too far away from your base, you died in lava, you don’t remember the exact place you died or items have vanished when you reach there.

So you will get angry or get disappointed playing Minecraft for a while sometimes because of this. I also being there when I was new to play Minecraft.

Also, I lost my items a lot of times when I died in lava.

But there is a solution to get your lost items back. It is by using Minecraft inventory editors and add your lost items back to your inventory.

There are a few Minecraft inventory editors out there and I choose these editors because these were recommended by Minecraft players.

Universal Minecraft editor tool

minecraft inventory editors

The first Minecraft inventory editor tool I’m going to talk about is the universal Minecraft editor tool. To use this, you must install it on your PC.

You can edit your Minecraft inventory editors using this if you are playing it on platforms like Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, PC (Java), Pocket edition, and Windows 10.

Also, you can edit the Minecraft bedrock edition by selecting the Windows 10 option. Universal Minecraft editor tool is not just a Minecraft inventory editor.

You can literary edit almost everything including your worlds using this ultimate tool.

How to use Universal Minecraft editor

  1. You can easily download this tool from its official site by searching ’universal Minecraft editor’ on google.
  2. After downloading it you can install it on your computer
  3. Then open it and select the platform you are currently playing Minecraft
  4. Now it will automatically show your Minecraft world(save) files after you select the platform or you can manually select them. To select your save file go to C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\saves\(select your world)
  5. Now select your Minecraft world to open it
  6. Select the ‘Players’ option and select your current player that you want to edit the inventory
  7. Now you will be able to edit the inventory.
  8. Also, you can edit your player’s armor, health, knockback, hunger, experience, and more.


minecraft inventory editors

The next Minecraft inventory editor is NTBexplorer. NTB explorer is also a great inventory editor for Minecraft. It is mostly recommended for the Minecraft java edition.

You can download the Windows version or you can download the mac version.

You can download this from the Github site and I will give you the link to download it.


How to use NBTExplorer

  1. First, download the tool by going to the GitHub site (I recommend you to download the .zip file)
  2. Then extract it using Winrar
  3. After that go to the extracted folder and open ‘NTBExplorer’
  4. Here you will be able to choose what you want to edit

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Inventory Editor for Minecraft

The next inventory editor on the list is inventory editor Minecraft. This is a mobile app that you can use to edit Minecraft pocket edition inventory.

You can simply download it from the play store to your android mobile.



  1. What is the best Minecraft inventory editor for windows 10 bedrock?

I suggest you use Universal Minecraft editor tool if you want to edit bedrock edition on windows 10

  1. Can I use these on platforms like Xbox and Playstation?

Yes, you can use the Universal Minecraft editor tool to easily edit Minecraft Xbox version and PlayStation version

  1. Can I edit worlds using these inventory editors?

Yes, you can do almost everything using these tools

  1. Where is the Minecraft save file are located on windows?


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