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Best 7 tips for beginners in terraria – Guide Part 1

Are you new to play terraria? And don’t have an idea how to play and what to do next until you beat the first boss. So these tips tips for beginners in terraria guide will help you to make it.

Tips for beginners in terraria part 1

1. Build a home

When you start to play terraria you must build your house before night. If you don’t, you will be attacked by different kinds of enemies like zombies and demon eyes. So you need to build a house before night. It will protect you from those enemies.

Remember to build it near the place you have spawned (You can recognize that place by the green color icon on the map) because if you die or teleport using a recall potion or magical mirror you will spawn on that place.

Also, you can change your spawn point by placing a bed in your house and right-click it, and if you want to remove it, right-click on the bed again.

2. Explore the surface

After you build your house, explore your surface by going left and right until you find the sea. When you are exploring, loot everything (You will find different kinds of items in chests and pots)on your way and notice different biomes.

Also, you need to do this in the daytime because at night time your enemies will staring to spawn.

When you reach the left or right sea you will able to find one of your town NPCs called angler. He will give you daily fishing quotes and give rewards if you complete them. Use recall potion or magical mirror to spawn back on your base.

3. Make a place to store extra items using chests

You will notice there is a limited amount of items that you can take everywhere. So make a place to keep chests on your base and keep your items in them.

You can craft chests using wood and any iron bar by going near a workbench. Then make some chests and place your items.

For example, you can use a chest to store your weapons, another one to store your materials such as wood, stone, mud, and another one to store potions or herbs such as day bloom, waterleaf, etc.
You can also take chests that you find when you are exploring the surface.

To do this you must take all the loot items in the chest. Then select your pickaxe to remove it. Then you will see it on your item list.

4. Build more space for your Town NPCs

Town NPCs are very important when you play terraria. Some of them are selling rare items and provide services to you. The first NPC that you have is called The Guide who spawns in the game with you. He will help you by killing enemies, giving tips, and advice for crafting.

You must build some space just like you created your house. To check your room is suitable for your NPC, press ESC and click the house icon below your map on the right side.

Then select the question mark icon and select the room that you created. If it is suitable for your visit, you will see the ‘this housing is suitable’ text.

To move your NPC into it, select again the house icon below the map and select the image of your NPC. Then select the room that you want to move him to. Make at least 3 rooms like that.

5. Buy a piggy bank and a mining helmet

To buy those things, you must have your merchant NPC. You need at least 50 silver coins to have him. You can easily find silver coins by looting chests and pots.

Then make a room for him like the one you build for The Guide. After a few moments (it may take 2 hours in-game time it means 2 minutes in real-time)the merchant will arrive in your area.

Then go near him and press the right mouse button and select buy to buy a mining helmet and a piggy bank. Mining helmet will provide light in dark places.

To use a mining helmet select it first and then you will see at the right corner to place it. So place it on the top slot that you also use to place your amour helmet.

You may have noticed that you drop money when you die every time. So you need to put your money in a safe place. That’s why you need to buy a piggy bank.

Piggybank will store money and allow you to use them when you buying something. To use a piggy bank you need to buy it and place it on a table (you can place it anywhere if you want). Then right-click on it. You will see you can store plenty of items there like a chest.

But the difference between a chest and a piggy bank is, the piggy bank will allow you to use your money when you are buying something. For example, If you’re going to buy something and you don’t have money in your inventory, you can buy it if you kept enough money in a piggy bank. Now I think you get the point.

Also, you need to understand you can buy any amount of piggy banks from the merchant but you will only get single storage for all of them.

6. Collect some potions and look for a magical mirror

It easy to find lesser healing potions and recall potions when you are looting items. Try to collect recall potions until you find a magical mirror.

Recall potion will teleport you to your spawn point when you use it. If you have 10 recall potions you can teleport 10 times when you use them. But if you have a magical mirror you can teleport an unlimited amount. So try to find it at the beginning.

7. Build a Boss fight area

The first boss that you need to beat is the eye of chathulu. To beat it you must build an area using wood platforms, torches, and campfires.

Campfires will help you to regenerate your life a little bit fast than normal. You can beat more than half of bosses in terraria by using this strategy. I also did it and it worked well for me. This picture will help you to understand the shape of the boss fighting area.

Also there will be a tips for beginners in terraria part 2.

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