pixelmon textue packs for minecraft

8 Coolest Pixelmon Texture packs for Minecraft

This article is about the best pixelmon texture packs that you can install in Minecraft. There are a lot of gamers playing Minecraft since its release. Also, they enjoy playing it a lot. But you can also play Minecraft by adding different texture packs to have more fun.

These texture packs will change the appearance and sometimes even the soundtrack of the Minecraft vanilla version.

So these pixelmon texture packs will be very useful for you if you are a huge fan of Pokemon because it will be more fun.

1. Project Pokemon’s Pack

pixelmon textue packs for minecraft

The first texture pack is called project pokemon’s pack. This texture pack is a very popular texture pack among Minecraft players.

This will give you a better pokemon experience when you play Minecraft. You can download this texture pack with music if you like or without music if you don’t.

But I recommend you install this texture pack with music to get the best experience.

I think you will like this texture pack a lot because this pack will let you feel that you are playing a pokemon game. Also, you can download custom NPCs for this.


2. PokeBallers Texture Pack

The second texture pack is on the list is the pokeballers texture pack. This texture pack is also a very popular texture pack among Minecraft players.

Pokeballers texture pack minecraft

You can also get a better experience from this texture pack like the project pokemon’s pack and this texture pack has its own uniqueness.

You can also add the shaders pack for this to have a better pixelmon experience. So I recommend you to try it too. 


3. Pokebox Pack

The next pixelmon texture pack is the pokebox texture pack. This is also a great resource pack to give you a great pokemon feeling.

Also, this has a nice blue-colored GUI and you will notice the developers tried to give a cartoonish look for this to increase the pokemon feeling.


4. Pixelmon Legacy Pack

This resource pack has added unique and different things to give you a better experience. You will notice the texture of the sky and water looks great in this pack.

Also, this pack has new soundtracks and an improved GUI.

5. Pixelmon Merge

pixelmon texture packs

The pixelmon legacy pack is very popular among Minecraft players. It is developed by Qualthron. This texture pack’s resolution is 16x and it will work with the 1.12.2 Minecraft version. I also highly recommend you to try this one too.

6. Pixelmon Faithful Pack

This pack is mostly popular for vanilla Minecraft. The pixelmon faithful pack will change the appearance of items in Minecraft. You will see the textures of the grass haven’t change but it is not a big problem.


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7. Nix Pix Pack

The final pixelmon texture pack is on the list is the nix pix pack. It is developed by Nick from L8Games. I think this will be your favorite pack.

This texture pack is very different than the other pixelmon texture packs and it looks like HD.

8. Adventure Pack

This is also a nice texture pack that you can use to get the full pixelmon experience from Minecraft. Almost this texture pack is changed every texture of Minecraft. This is one of my favorites.

How to install texture packs in Minecraft

  1. Download the texture pack you want
  2. Now open Minecraft and go to options from the main menu
  3. Then select ‘Open Resource Packs’
  4. Now this will open the resource packs folder of Minecraft
  5. Now put your downloaded texture pack file into that folder
  6. Open Minecraft and go-to resource packs and select the texture pack
  7. Then click done.
  8. That’s all you have to do, now enjoy!

Every texture pack won’t fit with the last version of Minecraft. So you must lunch Minecraft with the supported version for the texture pack. You can change the current version of Minecraft from the Minecraft launcher.

This video will help you to understand how to install texture packs to minecraft

So now you know about pixelmon texture packs. So don’t forget to leave a comment about which one is you are going to try first.

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