2 Easy ways to Take a Screenshot in terraria

Do you want to know how to take a screenshot in terraria? This article will help you to figure it out. Every terraria player likes to take a screenshot of their base and their character. So there are two main ways to take a screenshot in terraria.

You can try the first way to take a screenshot in terraria if you are playing it in steam. Only you have to do is press F12 when you want to take a screenshot. Then you will see a notification at the bottom right corner.

If You don’t know how to find the screenshots, only you have to do is go to steam and then select ‘View’ And select screenshots.

Then go select your game as terraria and select show on disk. It will open the steam terraria screenshot folder.

Using this method, you can capture a limited area to your screenshot. But you want to take a huge screenshot, you can use the second way.

A lot of terraria players use this second way to capture their base to a screenshot you can easily select the area that you want to capture a screenshot when you are using this method. Also, you can take normal screenshots too.
To try this way, you must press F1 in the game, and then you will enter the camera mode.

After you enter the camera mode select the Pin frame option to make a frame to capture the screenshot.

After you make a frame to get a screenshot. Select Set frame option.

Then select the Take snapshot option. It will capture the area that you selected by making a frame.

To find the screenshot that you have captured using the camera mode, go to Documents\My Games\Terraria\Captures
That is all you have to do when you take a screenshot in terraria.

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