get max mana in terraria

2 best ways to get max mana in terraria

If you are like to fight using magic weapons you may also like to know about how to get max mana in terraria. If you are don’t know what is the max mana amount that you can get in terraria, it is 400. You can see your mana capacity at the upper right corner of your screen. If you are new to play terraria you can see only 1 blue star.

That means you only have 20 mana (20 mana = 1 star). There are several ways to get the maximum amount of your player mana and before that make sure that you have 200 mana without using any item. To increase your mana capacity to 200, you must use 9 mana crystals.

You can increase your mana capacity permanently by 20 when you use a mana crystal. So when you use 9 mana crystals you will able to increase your mana capacity up to 200.

To make a mana crystal you need 5 fallen stars. You can easily find fallen stars only at night time because they just fall on to the ground from the sky at night.

You need to collect at least 45 fallen stars because you need to create 9 mana crystals. After you collect your fallen stars, it’s time to create mana crystals.

So you can craft them by going to the crafting menu with your bare hands. That means you don’t need any crafting stations to craft it.

After you have 9 mana crystals, you can use them one by one to increase your mana permanently. Then you will have 200 mana and now you need to focus on the other 200 amount to get 400 mana.

How to get max mana in terraria?

So now you have 200 permanent mana capacity because you used mana crystals. Now it’s time to have the next 200 to get max mana in terraria.

So I will tell you 2 ways to do this so you can choose the easiest method to do it with the items that you already have in the game.

The first way to get the maximum mana

To do the first way you will need a diamond robe, titanium headgear or hollowed headgear, and jungle pants. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of them, I will also show you how to get them too.
If you don’t have a diamond robe you can have one by crafting.

The diamond robe will increase your mana capacity by 80 and reduce your mana usage by 15%. So to craft a diamond robe you need a robe and 10 diamonds. To craft a robe. To do it you will need 20 silk. You can make silk by using cobwebs at the loom.

Once you have 20 silk, go to the loom and craft your robe. Now you need to find some diamonds to make your diamond robe.

To find diamonds you need to mine underground until you find them. Once you have at least 10 diamonds you can craft your diamond robe at the loom.

Now you have a diamond robe, now let’s see how to get titanium headgear or a hollowed headgear. Each of these two headgears will increase your mana capacity by 100. To craft a titanium headgear, you need only 13 titanium bars and a Mythril anvil as the crafting station.

You can’t make this until you enter the hardmode because titanium is a hardmode ore.

Also, I wrote an article about how to find titanium ore fast because titanium ore is a little bit rare than the other ores in terraria.You can check that article also if you are struggling to find titanium ore.

Once you have 13 titanium bars, go to your Mythril anvil and then craft a titanium headgear.

To craft a hollowed headgear, you need 12 hollowed bars and a demon altar as a crafting station. You can find hollowed bars when you beat a mechanical boss. There are 3 mechanical bosses in terraria are Twins, mechanical worm, and skeleton prime.

When you have hollowed bars go and find a demon altar at the corruption biome. Then craft your hollowed headgear at the demon altar.

Now you must craft jungle pants. Jungle pants will increase your mana by 20. To craft jungle pants you need 8 jungle spores and 2 vines.

You can find these at the jungle biome. When you have all the ingredients to craft jungle pants, go to an anvil, and craft your jungle pants.

The second way to get the maximum mana

As the second way, you need to use titanium headgear or a hollowed headgear and any item with high defense as your amour. Now you can see there are five slots left on your equipment list.

So you have to find some items to place on each slot and reforge them one by one at the goblin tinkerer NPC.

If you already have items on that slot, you can reforge them too. You must reforge every item until you have the Arcane modifier.

It will boost your item’s mana by 20.
So once you have done all of this you will able to get max mana in terraria.

I think now you have understand about how to get max mana in terraria

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