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10+ Best Texture Packs for Terraria

Every terraria player knows that terraria is a great game. That is why it has an overwhelmingly positive rating on steam. Now a lot of players already have beaten terraria.

Also, a lot of players are new to playing terraria. So as I told you terraria is a fantastic game because you can have a lot of fun when you play it.

Also Adding texture packs is a great way to improve your game experience. Most of the texture packs will change the appearance of bosses, weapons, enemies, and NPCs.

There are a lot of texture packs that you can install for terraria. So I made this article about the best texture packs that you can install for terraria and how to install them.

Amazing terraria texture packs

1. Fisharia

The first texture pack is called fisharia. This texture pack will turn terraria bosses and some enemies into fish. That will be fun to play because every boss will have a unique appearance. If you are wondering about duke fishrone’s appearance, it is already a fish.

The fun thing is this won’t turn all the bosses into fish. Some of the bosses will also turn into octopuses and more.

2. Undernity’s Minecraft Pack

terraria texture packs

If you are a huge fan of Minecraft this texture pack is for you. This texture pack is developed by undernitygaming and this will change the appearance of some bosses, enemies, items, blocks, trees, sound effects, and more to Minecraft look.

So this will bring a great game experience and more fun if you are a Minecraft player.

This texture pack won’t change your town NPCs into Minecraft villagers’ look because some of the terraria players like the appearance of the vanilla terraria NPCs appearance.

But there is another texture pack you can use if you want to change the look of the NPCs.

3. Melster’s Minecraft Texture pack

This Minecraft texture pack is developed by Melster. This texture pack will change a major percentage of terraria into Minecraft.

You can experience 2D Minecraft from this texture pack because this will include the names of some items and bosses and also this will change the look of terraria NPCs into Minecraft villagers.

So if you are looking for a texture pack that turns terraria into Minecraft, this is the perfect texture pack for it.

4. The Calamity Texture Pack

terraria texture packs

The next texture pack that I suggest for you is the calamity mod texture pack. This mod is developed by Niorin. You may know about terraria calamity mod.

This texture pack also has improved game textures to give you a better game experience.

So if you are looking for a texture pack that can improve game textures this is what I would recommend for you because this texture pack will improve the design of terraria bosses, enemies, blocks, and more.

5. Jimmarn’s official Texture Pack

terraria texture packs

Jimmarn’s official texture pack is developed by one of the Re-logic’s official artists. This texture pack will improve the appearance of some bosses, items, blocks, and more.

Also, it is recommended by Re-logic because of its quality. I also recommend you to try this because this texture pack will give you a fresh updated look for terraria.

6. Foundry & Alchemy Texture Pack

This texture pack is also great because this will improve the design of most of the items, enemies, NPCs, blocks, UI, and especially bosses.

I think you will defiantly like the appearance of the bosses. It will be very interesting and fun to play. I suggest you try this mod also.

7. Terraria Chinese Sprites Editon

 terraria texture packs

Are you interested in how terraria look in its china version? This texture pack is based on the terraria Chinese version.

It is different than the European or American version of terraria. So now this texture pack also became very popular among the terraria players.

Funny and Mini Terraria Texture Packs

8. Mario Fenix Staff

This texture pack will change your Fenix staff to a plumber staff. So you can summon a Mario to protect you using it.

9. Mario Peeing

This a very funny texture pack that you can use in terraria. This texture pack will replace with the desert fountain.

10. Colored Relics

The Coloured Relics texture pack is a popular texture pack among terraria players. This texture pack will give you colored relics in the master mod.

Normally you get golden relics in master mod after you have beaten bosses. But colored relics also look pretty nice.

11. Sergeant United Shield

If you are a huge fan of Captain America, you will definitely like this texture pack. Using this texture pack you will able to use Captain America’s shield as a melee weapon and a shield.

You can buy this from the traveling merchant NPC in hardmode.

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How to add terraria texture packs on PC

Let’s think you want to add the Foundry & Alchemy Texture Pack to your game.

  1. First, go to google and type the name of the texture pack that you want to download (ex- Foundry & Alchemy Texture Pack download)
  2. Then download it from the forms.terraria.org site
  3. Once you downloaded the texture pack file you must unzip it.
  4. Now go to Documents\My Games\Terraria\ResourcePacks
  5. Then past the texture pack folder that you have unzipped
  6. Now open terraria from steam
  7. Go to Workshop/Use Resource Packs option on the main menu
  8. Now you will see your texture pack on the Available packs list
  9. So, to enable the texture pack click the red colored play button
  10. Now you can enjoy the texture pack

Also, you can add texture packs to terraria by subscribing to them from the steam workshop. To do it follow these simple steps

  1. Open steam
  2. Go to community
  3. Go to the workshop and select or search terraria
  4. Then you can search the texture pack you want to add
  5. After the search, select the texture pack and subscribe it to download
  6. After downloading it, open terraria
  7. Go to the workshop and go to use resource packs
  8. Now to select the resource pack that you downloaded click on the red-colored button
  9. Now you enjoy it!

So here are the best texture packs for terraria and don’t forget to leave a comment which texture pack you are going to try first

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